Sample 1st Paragraph for a Fellowship in Endocrinology

Born and raised in Colombia where I finished medical school in 2005, I then spent 5 years in the Emergency Room before deciding to come to the United States in 2010. Here in the USA I have been building a new life in a new language and studying very hard to rebuild my career in medicine. English was the most difficult part of the adjustment; since I knew very little English when I left Colombia, the USMLE’s were most challenging. I am about to begin my third year of a residency program in Internal medicine, however, and English is now my day-to-day language of medicine in which I feel most comfortable. I have a special passion for treating metabolic diseases and I get a lot satisfaction helping sick people, especially the elderly. I hope to be accepted to your distinguished fellowship program in Endocrinology because I have chosen this as my lifetime area of specialization, particularly with respect to fighting the scourge of diabetes and the great toll that it takes on our people, particularly our elderly patients.

Board-certified endocrinologist specializing in the treatment of patients with endocrine neoplasia which includes thyroid tumors, parathyroid tumors and adrenal tumors, with a focus in thyroid cancer.

Fellowship in Pediatric Endocrinology Sample 1st Paragraph

I finished the last part of medical school in my native Syria in the middle of a war. After finishing my studies, I plunged immediately into a year of full time research in the area that has long commanded my priority interest, infectious disease. Last year I immigrated to the USA and began my pediatrics residency at XXXX Children’s Hospital in July of 2013. Since that time I have become most familiar with resources and procedures in pediatrics in a major American hospital and I give my all to my work, so that I will learn all that I can to make me an increasingly effective doctor. My experience here in America is my foremost strength as an applicant to your distinguished and competitive fellowship program. I hope to make America my home and to continue to develop my specialty, staying deeply engaged in research in the area of pediatric endocrinology. At some point later on in my career, I hope to return to Syria to assist in rebuilding a broken health care system with special attention to the development of resources in pediatrics.

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Statements of Excellence for Residency & Fellowship Positions on Behalf of Applicants in Endocrinology

Sample 1st Paragraph for a Fellowship Position in Endocrinology, Woman Doctor from Iran

I am a doctor from Iran and I spent about one year working as a general practitioner in Tehran before following my husband to the United States 8 years ago. My husband, also a medical doctor, moved to the United States 9 months before I arrived with our son. His English was more advanced than my own and he did not have such a difficult time in making the adjustment to an all-English environment. Along with being a mother, I spent several years bringing my English up to the level where I felt comfortable practicing medicine. Since June of 2011, I have been back to the full time practice of medicine as a resident in Internal Medicine with XXXX School of Medicine at XXXX University. I have learned an enormous amount about Endocrinology in my current position and this gives me a high level of confidence that I would be able to excel in your program and make an important contribution.

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