Allergy & Immunology Residency, Nutrition

My principal mentor in graduate school told me "When there is surprise, there is opportunity for truth." His words have continuously helped me in my journey. I love the way in which challenges are almost always embedded with opportunities. As a clinician, and a researcher, I've always found his words to be true. An experiment, or even a treatment regimen, may not always work at first. However, I've found even negative findings can lead to opening many new doorways. I want to continue to contribute and publish throughout my life, and I believe I've already made a good start towards this goal.

I have always been a positive person who chooses to focus on the positive and on how so many people have helped me along the way. One of the reasons I chose to volunteer my time and effort was in order to give back some of what I have been blessed with throughout my life. No matter where I've been, or what I've decided to do, I always give all my ability and energy to help improve quality of life.

I've always had a strong interest in preventive care and patient education, which is one of the reasons I earned my Masters in Nutrition. My interest in allergy and immunology really began when I arrived in America, with this deep interest aroused by my volunteer work for an asthma prevention program. What really attracted me at first is how such a common complaint has such a huge impact on patient’s lives and their family as well. As a resident, I see asthma patients on almost a daily basis and this experience has further shown me the importance of educating patients and the need for new, more effective treatments for conditions like this.

I tend to see the advent of small molecules and antibody treatments as one of the most promising avenues for the future of medicine. From my own clinical and research experience as well as in my work for a pharmaceutical company doing drug development, I've already seen some of these advancements being used successfully. For example, as a volunteer, I observed patients being treated with a new IgE antibody (Omalizumab), which significantly decreased incidence of attacks and exacerbation. New treatments such as these can also significantly reduce the cost of care for patients. Having now experienced the current state of care for these conditions, and also having seen what is coming down the pipeline, I really want to continue being a part of this rapidly growing field.

I also appreciate the enormous impact of immunology on different systems, such as in the areas of pulmonology, GI, oncology, transplants and many others. I'm very excited to have seen the number of improvements already being made in this field, and I believe, will further lead to new and better treatments. My current project focuses on the immune response of C3a in regulating asthma. I'm also working on a project to understand the immunomodulation role of vitamin D in atopic and autoimmune disease. I believe that the concept of immunomodulation is the way to correlate nutrition and immunology; and will be one of the areas of greatest future promise for the advance of clinical treatment.  I feel challenges by how this branch of medicine is relatively new with vast opportunities for extremely significant research. I have a passion for the way in which AI combines clinical work with basic scientific research. With my high motivation to help patients and my research experience, I firmly believe that AI is the field that most closely fits my personal and professional goals. I'm quite excited to now have this opportunity to join this fascinating field of medicine and I'm ready to hit the ground running.

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