Residency in Anesthesiology, Indian Applicant

I feel strongly that I am a solid candidate and fully qualified for a residency position in your distinguished and competitive Anesthesiology Program due to the intense dedication that I have to the cause of medical education as well as practice and research. Fully devoted to lifelong education in my chosen area of medicine, Anesthesiology, I struggle daily for constant improvement in all aspects of my discipline and practice, as well as the organization of my family and community relationships. I have now achieved a new level of focus and patience which facilitate the exercise of my compassionate nature. I get along spectacularly well with all of my colleagues because of my agreeable and upbeat nature that is animated by my sheer love for medicine, especially anesthesiology. Becoming a Medical Doctor has been my life-long dream and it would be a great honor and a crowning fulfillment for me to be selected to join your team on the cutting edge of practice and research in anesthesia.

Born and raised in a small village in the southern part of India, I am a humble man who has always worked very hard to achieve his dream of advancing as far as possible professionally in the practice of medicine. My interest in becoming a doctor began to take shape in earnest as an adolescent during the time that my brother was suffering from appendicitis. We were told that the operation must be done within 24 hours or he would die; I will never forget the fear in my mother’s eyes, especially since we had to travel several hundred kilometers in order to get to a hospital where the surgery could safely take place. On the way, I had fantasies of being able to operate on my brother myself, save his life and take away his acute pain

There are still many villages like the one where I grew up in India with little or no quality health care support. It is my hope that in the future I will be able to return to India for periods of time to help develop medical facilities for the poor and underserved. I worked hard to get into Kasturba Medical College which is among the top medical schools in India. I have learned to be highly adaptive and I am a very quick learner who is comfortable treating people from all walks of life. I am highly adept at absorbing new cultures and communicating effectively with people from many walks of life and different language backgrounds. India has so many languages and cultures and this has helped me to refine this high degree of flexibility, quickly adapting to local languages so as to better understand patients’ feelings. Throughout my clinical rotations, I have benefitted greatly from my conversations with professors, physicians, and other senior health care workers who have been willing to share their professional knowledge and experiences with me. I still have a lifetime of learning ahead of me driven by my optimism and open mind and heart expressed through a humble, positive attitude, diligence, perseverance, and a profound joy in serving others and laboring long hours to make them well.

My application is strengthened by my recent experience in anesthesiology, fulfilling a 3 year Anesthesiology training experience at XXXX Hospital in Bengaluru where I have successfully met numerous challenges in a broad variety of areas, all related to anesthesiology. This experience has prepared me to hit the ground running in your program and excel almost immediately, based on the talents that I have been developing in my present position as an Anesthesiologist at XXXX Hospital.

My initial attraction to Anesthesiology was based on my attraction to the bridge that this field represents between Physiology, on the one hand, and Pharmacology on the other; especially since I excelled in these areas as an undergraduate student. I have a good academic record because I eager to learn and take part in educational initiatives. Most importantly, I have now become adept in my communication with patients and their families at times in their lives when they often feel panic and helplessness.

I was accepted for student visitor exchange program at XXXX University in Detroit and I worked for Dr. XXXX's laboratory as a Research Assistant.  This research involved developing a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of genomic instability in cancer, identifying novel cancer specific targets, and designing new chemotherapeutics. My major contributions were with respect to the mRNA-101, EzH2 based therapeutic drug for pancreatic and ovarian cancer using AAV vector; the results were deemed significant to warrant the initiation of animal trials. I am an active contributing member to this body of research and have published several manuscripts related to chemotherapeutics.

I look forward with great zeal to participating in research in the future, medical writing and critical appraisal. A critical thinker with refined problem solving skills, and an excellent communicator, I always seek to serve my patient as their advocate. I thank you for considering me for a new addition to your operating room team.

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