Family Medicine Residency CARMS, Canada

Growing up in my native Philippines, I dearly loved my little brother, who was always quite sickly. There were times, when he was gravely ill, that our doctors told us to “pray very hard.” I deeply resented this fatalistic attitude and my brother’s suffering caused me to mature beyond my years and to focus early on medicine as a career.

I became a medical doctor in and also obtained a Master’s Degree in Health Administration in Manila. For most of the last two decades, however, I practiced medicine in Taiwan, until immigrating to Canada two years ago. I am now completing clinical training in Vancouver’s Chinatown. I am most pleased to be having this enormous learning opportunity working with wonderful people and an extremely experienced and knowledgeable supervisor.

Personally, I am very fond of diversity in medicine and believe in the importance of professional, cross-cultural sharing, learning from each other. I am now familiar with health systems in three very different societies and I feel that this make me a strong candidate for a residency program since I draw on such diversity of experience. I also feel that I have a lot of creative energy to bring to your program.

I had more than 10 years of wonderful experiences in obstetrics and gynecology in Taiwan and I truly loved being a gynecologist. When I immigrated to Canada, however, I was told that there was a special need for family practice medical doctors and so I immediately began training to respond to this need and I stay current on developments in family medicine. I would feel honored to be able to continue my practice of medicine in this area. I see the family as the most fundamental social fabric and especially critical to health maintenance and recovery. I look forward to the experience of great diversity of this area as well, and the opportunity to develop ongoing relationships with numerous families.

I have read that more than 4 million Canadians do not have access to a family doctor as a result of a critical shortage of practicing physicians in this area. I feel honored to answer this call, especially since the problem is expected to get even worse in coming years. Canada is my new home and I want to shoulder the responsibility of contributing to providing all Canadians with basic medical services. I am quite willing to relocate to where the need is greatest in Canada and I am most keen about this opportunity of service.

I look forward to many years giving my all to the Canadian hospital system. My long term goals include opening my own family practice clinic at some point in my career. I would also very much enjoy having the experience of teaching and having the opportunity to share the many things that I am learning.

I want to thank you for considering my application to serve.

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