Family Medicine Residency, Doctor from Georgia

I am a fully registered and licensed physician in the UK where I serve as a practicing specialist in Ob/Gyn at the University Hospital of Wales, the third largest hospital in the UK and the largest in Wales. I married a US citizen five years ago and intend to move the US and to practice there. Whilst I have thoroughly enjoyed my years of working in my current specialty, I wish to take the opportunity presented by my intended move in order to ‘broaden my professional horizons’ and to maximize my utility to my new home country by practicing Family Medicine in a rural and underserved community. My specialty experience, especially in ambulatory gynecology and obstetrics will, of course, be immediately applicable in the practice of Family Medicine in the type of community in which I seek to work.

I am a highly experienced physician with exposure in both in-patient and out-patient settings. My experience in my specialty has enabled me to acquire and develop exceptional interpersonal skills in an area of work that calls for particular sensitivity. Prior to taking on my current role, I completed a long-term clinical attachment in Primary Care/General Practice in the UK which is the equivalent of a Family Practice in the US. I have missed the variety of patient types and conditions that this experience provided. I also found satisfaction in being able to provide ‘holistic’, long term and continuous care to patients and to be able to really understand them as individuals and their family, home and working environments which often provided keys to their health problems.

I am very aware that the aging of the US population will provide new challenges in healthcare provision and a need for Family Medicine practitioners who are interested in treating the elderly and in the special problems associated with aging. I come from a culture in which the elderly are valued for their experience and wisdom and have always enjoyed interacting with elderly patients and consider that I have a special facility to do so effectively.

I am also very interested in preventative medicine and in the promotion of healthy, active lifestyles among underserved communities which, when effective, can do much to reduce the need for medical interventions and increase general well-being. I have been involved in several health education projects and in screening programs which also offer excellent opportunities to provide tailored and focussed health education. I am aware that not all such projects are effective and am very interested in assisting in research related to establishing the most effective educational techniques to apply to different health problems and patient populations.

I was raised and received my education and initial medical training in my native Georgia. Entry to medical training was highly competitive and acceptance itself was a notable achievement reserved only for a few candidates with excellent academic ability. I excelled in that highly competitive environment so far as to be awarded the rare honor of a silver medal for achievement by the Ministry of Public Education of Georgia and I graduated with the highest honors from the prestigious XXXX Medical University. My board certificate in Ob/Gyn was awarded on the basis of perfect grades. My academic record will provide an assurance of my intelligence and diligence which I apply fully in my professional life.

Having practiced, and received further training, in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan over a period of eight years, I moved to the UK in 2006 to improve my English and broaden my professional horizons. In March 2012, I passed Part 1 of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists examinations and am currently preparing to sit the Part 2 exam to obtain full membership, which I anticipate completing in March 2013.

I am aware that cultural awareness and sensitivity is especially important in the practice of Family Medicine. I have happily worked with, studied alongside and treated people from many social and cultural backgrounds in several countries. I come from a culture in which hospitality, personal warmth and a highly developed sense of sense of humor are the norm. I am happy that I have acquired these national traits that enable me to easily establish and develop friendly and trusting relationships with colleagues and patients.

I very much enjoy interacting with others and in learning about new cultures. I speak Georgian, Russian, English, German and French and have travelled widely. At the time of this application, I have taken some time off from my work in the UK to spend some time in New York in order to acquire some local clinical experience and exposure to the US healthcare system. My background will provide an assurance that I am highly adaptable and I certainly anticipate a rapid and happy adjustment to a new working environment and culture.

I am aware that there will be many well qualified applicants for residency positions in this highly popular specialty but I regard myself as an excellent candidate with the potential to add considerable value to the program. I am academically very able; have experience in successful preventative projects and I have acquired considerable relevant experience in several contrasting environments. However my main recommendation is a genuine passion to provide excellent treatment to the underserved and to help them to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles in order to enable them maximize the length and quality of their lives. 

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