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Fellowship in Pulmonary Critical Care, Nepali

I am a Nepali, now resident in the US. I come from a large, very poor, rural family which was also considered to be of low caste. People of my caste were not even permitted to use the school cafeteria and we suffered a depth of discrimination that has not been seen in most of the world for several generations. I have often known hunger and humiliation in my life’s journey but was determined to be a physician because of my mother’s ill-health and the lack of treatment that she suffered.

My ambition to be a physician appeared to most people around me to be amusing even though, to the irritation of many including some teachers, I was constantly top of the class in all subjects. Through hard work, perseverance and strong parental support I overcame many obstacles to reach my goal. I am extremely proud and grateful to have done so. I love having the skills and knowledge to help others. I now seek to extend these to fulfill my own potential and to be of greater assistance to the sick directly but also through research and in providing training to other physicians in a sub-specialty that I have chosen with great care and after much thought.

I came to the US in 2005 and took up a residency in a very busy hospital that provided me with a very broad experience of pathologies I worked with, and treated, people of many cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds, including many from underprivileged families and communities. It was a rewarding experience both professionally and personally.

I have always been very interested in bench research but there was no opportunity to undertake research as part of my residency program. However I undertook an independent and retrospective research project into ‘obese patients and the relationship with the CURB 65 score’. I followed this up with a number of poster presentations and a one at a nationwide meeting. I believe that I possess the characteristics required of a first class researcher. As my background attests, I do not give up easily and pursue short and long term goals with determination and confidence and I have demonstrated flexible and innovative approaches and thinking in my research to date.  I also participated in various kinds of academic and related activities. I was involved in teaching residents and medical students and was actively involved in many hospital committees such as the ICU and ACGME Review committees.  I received a ‘praise card’ from the hospital executive committee for my major contribution to the preparation of an ‘anticoagulation protocol’.

I also have significant teaching experience and am keen to extend this in the future.  I quickly came to know that the joy of both student and teacher when a complex concept is finally grasped is both wonderful and unique.  I am eager to share the advanced skills and knowledge that the fellowship will provide as widely as possible including physicians in my home country and by this means make a considerable difference to the well being of my countrymen and women.

After my residency, I was excited to move onto subspecialty training. However, for several reasons, it was necessary for me to take a long break from work.  The major reasons being: the need to care for my elderly parents; to allow my new wife the opportunity to continue her studies; and to arrange for my permanent residency in the US. During this time I took great care to keep myself abreast of current medical developments. 

I am currently a hospitalist in a busy 400 bed referral hospital. Though this is a Community Hospital, I have had the opportunity to become involved in academic activities. I have been regularly involved in supervising medical students and Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner students. I will be closely involved in the teaching and supervision of the first group of Internal Medicine residents from July. I am also a committee member for a Quality Improvement project and Family Practice and Internal Medicine Quality Assurance committee. I have attended many workshops and symposia related to the specialty conducted at the XXXX Hospital, Denver.

My long term goal is become a highly effective teacher and researcher in a prestigious academic institution. I also intend to continue to do what I can to bring about social transformation by seeking justice for those suffering from any kind of inequality, humiliation or discrimination.

I firmly believe that I have the intellectual capacity, personal characteristics and professional experience that provide a firm foundation for success in the fellowship program. However my main recommendation is my passion for the sub-specialty and my determination to excel within it and to become an asset to the institution and to the future advancement of this vitally important area of work both here and internationally.

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