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Cardiology & IM Residency, Middle East

I am a young woman that is very devoted to the lifelong study of internal medicine, especially cardiology. At 29 years old, I feel strongly that this is the optimal point in my life for me to undertake the great adventure of practicing medicine in the West. I now have the requite experience, yet I still benefit from the incredible energy of youth and the capacity of the young to adapt to new environments and surroundings. I wish to have the profound opportunity to become one of the many thousands of foreign-trained doctors practicing medicine in the XXXX. I feel strongly that the presence of these foreign-trained doctors in XXXX is of great value to global society, providing us with an opportunity to learn from the experience of working in one of the world’s most advanced health care systems, at the same time that we contribute our own expertise, unique gifts, and knowledge in interaction with medical advances in XXXX. The XXXX is stands at the forefront of medical advances and progress in medical education. Thus, training in the XXXX and gaining experience in this setting will allow me to make essential contributions to the advancement of advancement of patient care and the struggle against heart disease when I return home.

I am a cosmopolitan woman who was born in Egypt and raised in Bahrain, where I currently practice medicine. My horizons have been broadened, throughout my life, by my lengthy visits back to Egypt to visit family, helping me to become multicultural in my outlooks and attitudes. I keenly look forward to working with colleagues and patients from many ethnic backgrounds and walks of life so that we learn from each other, heightening our multicultural sensitivities and communication abilities.

Saudi Arabia, as a result of its vast resources, has some of the finest medical schools in the Middle East, and this is why I choose to complete medical school in that country. Throughout my medical studies and subsequent residency appointments, I have become increasingly comfortable in the area of Internal Medicine, the medical specialty that I know best, and I plan to devote my professional life. I am primarily dedicated to staying abreast of all advances in the area of cardiology, my first passion, and the cause to which I look forward to devoting a lifetime of work and professional dedication.

My long-term goal is to continue to develop my capacity as a cardiologist, as a researcher, a practitioner, and a teacher. I hope to earn a professorship in this area at an Arabic medical school. My other central area of professional dedication is preventive medicine, and this interest dates, in particular, from my days working as a volunteer for campaigns devoted to the cause of heightening public awareness concerning hypertension and diabetes campaign. I also hope to remain active in these areas of public health, fomenting more significant levels of communication and understanding concerning the need for disease prevention control. I feel that I am now qualified to practice in your program because I have two years of experience in residency positions in internal medicine and one year in cardiology.

My service to society is my foremost concern, and I feel strongly that the most significant contribution that I might be able to make to humanity is to distinguish myself as a physician and cardiologist, participating in medical advances in this area and providing the ultimate in state-of-the-art patient care. And I especially look forward at some point to teaching a new generation of cardiologist in the Middle East many of the important skills that I will develop as a result of the privilege of participating in your program.


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