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Medical Residency Anesthesiology, Leadership

I am eager to enter a medical field that combines intellectual challenges, a hands-on approach to utilize my technical abilities, and the art of medicine that supports individualized patient care.  I look forward to the excitement of making precise judgments to support vital life functions during anesthesia.  I wish to comfort patients when they have little control in a scary and unfamiliar environment.  The pathway that led me to anesthesiology was paved by a culmination of experiences that have prepared me to enter this exciting field.   

I have gained valuable professional skills from growing up working in the family business.  I became an excellent problem solver because everyone came to me with their dilemmas.  I was able to use my resourcefulness and find great solutions.  This creativity will prove useful in the operating room where I may have to adapt an instrument or technique to fit unique situations.

My motivation to help my family expand their business triggered me to start a company through which I could assist them.  In the course of implementing my ideas to provide advanced income tax services, I honed the skills of leadership, management, and teamwork.  Outside of the business world, I refined those skills by attending leadership conferences, teaching a variety of subjects, and working with colleagues and faculty to plan extracurricular activities.  I am confident that this foundation of skills will help me lead and manage resources as a productive member of a multidisciplinary team.

Volunteer work has been another important part of my background.  Working with underserved children in Ecuador was particularly meaningful.  At Camp, I provided health care, education, and companionship for poor and orphaned children with physical and mental disabilities.  By uniting these children with their non-disabled peers, Camp addresses the issue of humanitarian rights and social integration for disabled individuals.  As an anesthesiologist I want to apply what I learned about humanitarianism, viewing that all human beings should be treated with dignity and respect, to advocate for my patients and their rights.

I have worked to improve my capacity to interact effectively and compassionately with patients and their families.  As a Certified Nursing Assistant and Personal Care Attendant I learned to work productively with patients regardless of their mental or emotional state.  I formed healthy relationships with clients in short periods of time as a Patient Educator, Watchful Companion, and EMT-B.  On clinical rotations I learned to convey medical information to patients in a way that is understandable.  As an anesthesiologist, these skills will help me rapidly gain patient trust, answer questions, and relieve anxiety in a setting limited by time. 

During my anesthesia training I will also need to individualize patient care, decide if it is safe to proceed with surgery, and anticipate and prevent complications in advance.  As a fourth year medical student I acquired knowledge to assist me with these tasks.  On my Surgical Intensive Care elective I learned to weigh risks and benefits when deciding if it is appropriate to proceed with medical or surgical therapy.  Furthermore, I was taught to care for each patient as an individual, considering their unique physiology when determining a medical plan. 

Using independent research to compliment my education, I have practiced critical thinking and independent learning skills, which are useful in a field where life-long learning is crucial for practicing safe and effective medicine.  I am currently working, under the direction of Dr. KL, on a retrospective analysis of patients that have undergone long gap esophageal atresia repair using a novel surgical technique.  I look forward to what this project will teach me about the use of cuffed versus uncuffed endotracheal tubes in children during prolonged periods of intubation.

Upon completion of residency I plan to pursue a fellowship, possibly in critical care or pediatric anesthesia.  I will then continue my career in academic medicine where I can participate in the educational process and pursue interesting research projects.  I am motivated to train in this dynamic field that will support my intellectual curiosity and my desire to provide excellent medical care.  Overall, I am enthusiastic about residency, the future I see for myself as an anesthesiologist, and the journey that lies ahead. 

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