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Medical Residency Surgery, Indian Applcant

Entering into a quality surgical residency assignment is more than a logical choice for my future career path, it is a natural choice given my aptitudes, clinical acumen and practical experiences in the field.  I have an inquisitive nature, enjoy challenges and mysteries, and have resolved to take on the intellectual challenges medicine offered and dedicate my life to the pursuit of medicine.

 During my months of surgical internship, I found that while in the operating theatre, I lost track of all time, completely absorbed in the process and the practiced interaction of the skilled team members.  It was the same team members I had seen just moments before, anticipating the challenges ahead of them, and relishing those to come.  And when the surgeries were completed, I marveled at the daily and seemingly miraculous recoveries of patients.  I watched carefully, the head surgeon and assisting surgeons, and quickly realized that while the surgical theatre is a team environment, it is the surgeon that leads, encouraging, guiding and motivating the team as a whole.  And when things go wrong, such as a post-op infection or complication, the surgeon is always willing to take on the responsibility and rectify the matter with good grace.  I questioned the surgeons I met – mercilessly – on many topics, including, how did they cope with the unexpected, with death, and accidents?  The answer time and again was that if you were to dedicate yourself to surgery, you have to be willing, psychologically and emotionally to deal with these things as they are intrinsic to the work.  And that surgery is about constant education and assessment of existing skills.

As a board-certified Surgeon, I will be better equipped to bring my plans, ambitions, indeed, my dreams, to fruition, namely being an exceptional clinician.  Additionally, I envision aiding in the continued health of a community, emphasizing preventative medicine, and education.  Many aspiring doctors speak of the need to reach out to the underserved, and I often wonder if they realize what this truly means.  I have always actively sought out and engaged in many community initiatives, seeking to improve the lives of those who are at-risk, the poor, the sick, the needy, and the youth.  These people are not championed by me for my belief in the underdog, but because these people honestly need support, guidance and aid, or they simply will fall through societal cracks.  To be perfectly honest, I will never forget where I come from, a struggling immigrant family, whose roots stem from a third world country and flourished in Chicago, and will always strive to reach out and help up those that are in similar places.

Many schools impress upon their students the need for cultural competency.  Again, I never took such training.  Instead, I speak two languages, come from an immigrant Indian family, grew up in Chicago, and have also lived and volunteered my time in the West Indies.  Throughout, I have been able to reach out to many people, and have been able to make a difference in their lives.  I have taught high school, run camps for troubled kids, and directed a community youth center, fed the hungry, counseled, lectured and tutored.  And now I want to take the next step.

The prospect of a residency assignment in Surgery is incredibly exciting to me.  This is my field, where I feel fulfilled and aim to leave my mark in.  I am intent upon filling my time, my life, with being the best Surgeon and promoter of healthy lifestyle choices I can possibly be.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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