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Residency, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

I am most fascinated by all modalities of radiology, especially neuroradiology or neuro-interventional radiology. Radiology allows me to combine my passionate love for technology with my passion for medicine. I live for progress, and it is radiology that most excites me when I reflect on the enormous opportunities that we have to continue to prolong life and make it more satisfying. My love for radiology is complemented by the fact that I will receive a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree in June of 2008.

Radiology is the best fit for me because it is in this area that I have my principal research interest and have published in several journals. I am a family man who, as a little boy, was especially attached to his grandpa. When he had a stroke and later passed away, then the world became a solemn place for me, and my spirit rose up, the romantic nature of youth; since then, I have dedicated myself to learning so that one day I would have the opportunity to save others in similar medical situations as my grandfather. Medicine has long dominated my intellectual landscape and horizons. For me, death is the dragon to be slain. With all of the advancements in radiology today, I believe that I could have successfully prolonged my grandfather's life for several more years. I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to save patients like my grandfather on a routine basis. Herein lies my greatest joy in life. I look forward to spending the balance of my professional life as a practicing radiologist where I can make profound differences in the life spans of patients daily. In particular, I live to embrace new technology that enables us to make diagnoses with ever greater clarity. I like the interaction that radiologists have with their peers and with families. In the short term, I am looking for a program that will allow me to fully develop my skills and facilitate my becoming part of a top-notch team of residents, all learning from each other.

While raised in the U.S. and, thus, a native speakers of English, we also often speak Polish at home. This heavily immigrant identity has helped me to become a better public servant who is very appreciative and respectful of diversity, cultural differences, and multilingual communication, which serves me well as a physician. I feel like I have entirely found myself through the course of my three most recently completed rotations in radiology at XXXX Hospital, XXXX Medical Center, and XXXX Hospital, where I have had the invaluable opportunity to come to appreciate better the almost infinite aspects involved in becoming a state-of-the-art radiologist.

I have an analytical mind, and I constantly challenge myself to think my way through problems. I am methodical and pay great attention to detail. Dependable, and a team player, I ask the relevant questions, and interaction and collaboration with peers to make an accurate diagnosis is always my focus. I am approachable, compassionate, and driven, and I take great pride in my work. I live to have a positive influence on the health care of one person at a time, no matter how large or how small the challenge faced by that patient. Whether it is a child's fracture from a game of baseball or an aneurysm that can take a life and devastate a family forever, I have the same amount of determination and drive for excellence. As an expression of my commitment to promoting the medical well-being of those who are least fortunate in our global society, I traveled to Honduras as part of a medical relief contingency providing medical care in a small village. We built a pharmacy and a clinic. I remember thinking how fortunate we are to have the resources and technology available to provide the best medical care here at home. This experience helped me to appreciate the power of diagnostic imaging better and further solidified my dedication to becoming part of this enormously exciting and rapidly expanding field. I want to thank you for your consideration of my application.

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