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Internal Medicine, Osteopathic, Egyptian Woman

A 39 year old Arab woman, I am an Egyptian, an accomplished physician, a wife and a mother, and I now live in New Jersey. A researcher, and accomplished geneticist, a General Practitioner, fluent in English, I am completing my doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine next year. And I am now ready to become a general practitioner in the United States. I would be honored to bring my all to your program.

 I am a generalist in Medicine, with special interests in genetics, as well as special training in rheumatic and endocrinal disease. My short term goal is to join a program that will allow me to satisfy my eagerness to learn. I want to give my all as a resident, and I want to learn as much as possible. My long term goal is to further concentrate my studies and ultimately specialize as either a rheumatologist or an endocrinologist

 My greatest and most enduring asset is my ethics of hard work, something that my parents instilled in me since childhood. When I set a goal for myself, I dedicate myself almost entirely to that task no matter what life throws my way. Even now, living in America, raising a family, and having to jump start my medical career once again, I will still achieve my dreams. At times, fellow students would ask me how I was succeeding with my classes at the same time that I am the mother of three young children, because they were struggling without children. I am pleased that I am raising my family at the same time that I have maintained above average grades in all of my classes, despite the fact that English is my second language. I am intellectual, a hard worker, and I enjoy the challenge of tackling complex cases. I am approachable, light hearted, and competent. I especially look forward to joining a close knit team where we all work in synchronicity for the well being of our patients.

 Long ago, I formed a mental vision of myself as a physician, and I clung tenaciously to that dream.  Today, I am still a medical student in America, but in my home country of Egypt, already an accomplished physician. In Egypt, I was a medical care provider, an educator of medical students, and an established researcher in genetics, obesity, and other among projects.  Today, I am also a wife and mother of three children.  I differ from many of my fellow students in my work experience and family commitments, but I bring extraordinary technical expertise, compassion, and work ethic.  I have chosen medical school in the United States—essentially restarting my medical career—as the means toward my future role as a physician in internal medicine.

 My passion for internal medicine comes from close encounters with the painful effects of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes mellitus.  I cared for both my father and my sister through their battles with cancer.  Both suffered from bone metastasis and other complex medical conditions. My youngest sister has rheumatoid arthritis.

 My primary strength in patient care is an ability to empathize, to demonstrate competence, and to connect with my patients through a light-hearted demeanor.  I especially thrive when responsible for complex cases, when a patient has at least 5 diseases and on 15 medications. I take pride in the fact that I have succeeded academically while overcoming language barriers and meeting the needs of my family. 

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