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Endocrinology Residency, Chinese

I am a person who enjoys intellectual work, solving complex problems, and doing things systemically and methodically. This is one of the reasons that I have given my life to the study of endocrinology. The diverse knowledge an internist has, the tremendous number of diseases an internist can treat and the challenge of simultaneously considering disorders in multiple systems in medicine attract me to the field of internal medicine, and among its many subfields, I hope to make my mark as a research physician in the area of endocrinology.

My internal medicine rotation in medical school brought me the most excitement. I worked with a variety of patients featuring a wide range of conditions, through which I gained solid hands-on experience of applying basic sciences to patient care. The interactions among hormones and the significant impact imposed on our bodies by the tiny amount of these chemicals triggered my interest in endocrinology. I found that my taste of solving complex problems and thinking systemically was most satisfied by this specialty and I entered an endocrinology training program. In three-years, I gained tremendous clinical experience and strong ability to manage patients. I also assisted in the translation of Francis Greenspan’s Basic & Clinical Endocrinology into Chinese. I saw an increasing need of nutrition education in the management of my patients with diabetes and hyperlipidemia, but I felt frustrated by the lack of nutrition education in medical school. This desire led me to pursue advanced training in applied nutrition as I believed this would give me a significant strength as an internist. Inspired by these thoughts, I moved to America to pursue studies and cutting-edge research.

Working with Dr. S for my Ph.D at the University of East State on an NIH funded geriatric research project, I also served as his medical consultant. One important aspect of my role was to ensure the medical safety of subjects participating in exercise training, and answer questions regarding medications which subjects might take. This was a great opportunity that allowed me to collectively apply my knowledge in pharmacology, exercise physiology and pathophysiology. In turn, this has helped me become familiar with the preventative benefits of exercise as well as working closely with patients. In addition, I worked with Dr. Paul, a senior geriatrician attending his medical rounds in several long – term care facilities which exposed me to patient care and helped me understand how the American medical system works. I also volunteered to counsel low-income senior citizens at County Hospital Center on topics such as reducing weight, managing diabetes and improving lipid profiles. These broad experiences have not only provided me with rich and diverse knowledge, but also an ability to think critically and to problem solve independently. Nothing can make me happier than relieving the suffering of someone and helped bring them back to a healthy life through using my knowledge and hard work. Being an internist will be the best way of contributing what I have learned in medicine to society and serving people, and is how I will achieve the most fulfillment in my career and life.

I will bring clinical experience, persistence, enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism into my residency training in internal medicine. I am confident that I can handle the complex cases, overcome difficulties commonly encountered as a clinician and make a great contribution to my program. I intend to apply a fellowship in Endocrinology after completing residency. My goal is to practice medicine, to teach and to pursue research in the future.

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