Residency in Obstetrics/Gynecology, Georgian

I am a highly experienced and most enthusiastic practitioner in the area of Obstetrics and Gynecology. My intense passion for reproductive health has been my guiding light and driving force for many years. I am fully registered, licensed, and currently practicing in the UK where I serve as a Specialty Registrar Physician in Ob/Gyn at the University Hospital of XXXX, the third largest hospital in the UK and the largest in XXXX. I married a US citizen four years ago and my goal now is to become qualified to apply my considerable skills, knowledge and intense love of my specialty for the benefit of patients in my new home country. After completing a residency in this area, I also intend to complete a fellowship in Ob/Gyn.

I derive great intellectual satisfaction in the diversity and complexity of my duties and enjoy the mix of surgical and clinical aspects of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.  My interest in this specialty was fired during my fourth year of medical school while attending the delivery floor for the first time. Constantly performing as an integral part of the way in which the distress of labor almost instantly turns to the joy of welcoming the new and most precious member of the family enabled me to reach an entirely new level of personal joy and professional satisfaction that I have sought to sustain ever since. Thus, I have never regretted the decision that I made prior to finishing medical school to devoted my own life to Ob/Gyn. My choice of this specialty underscores the way in which medicine is, for me, much more of a vocation than a mere career choice. There is nothing that I would trade for the satisfaction of sharing a new mother’s elation at the arrival of her baby. Bringing new life into the world is my ecstasy, my personal as well as professional epiphany.

I was raised and received my education and initial medical training in my native Georgia. Entry to medical training was highly competitive and acceptance itself was a notable achievement reserved for only a few candidates with excellent academic ability. I excelled, winning, in fact, the rare honor of a silver medal for achievement by the Ministry of Public Education of Georgia and graduating with Honors from Tblisi State Medical University. It was an honor for me that my Board Certificate in Ob/Gyn was attained on the basis of perfect grades.

I practiced and received further training in Russia as well as Georgia for eight years prior to moving to the UK in 2007 to broaden my professional horizons and continue to gain multi-cultural experience in medicine. Throughout the course of the last 5 years, my most dramatic conquest has been perfecting my English. In March 2012, I passed Part 1 of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists examinations and am currently preparing to sit the Part 2 exam to obtain full membership, which I anticipate completing in March 2013.  

I am particularly interested in the areas of prevention, high risk pregnancy, infertility, and minimally invasive surgery. In addition to practicing, I intend to devote a significant part of my future career to clinical research and humanitarian medical activity. I strongly believe that I unique combination of passion and keen intellectual ability which are required to distinguish oneself in research. I am a determined and hard working individual with great intellectual curiosity. My long term goal is to contribute to research that might help to reduce worldwide levels of maternal mortality from preventable disease.

I have working experience in very large teaching hospitals in three different countries. My current post is in a hospital that handles over 7,000 deliveries each year and I have had extensive exposure to highly complicated cases. I have demonstrated my capacity to sustain a very high workload that includes a broad mix of acute and elective cases. I consider the Cesarean Section and forceps delivery to be art forms that I will always seek to improve and perfect.  

I am attuned to the way in which cultural awareness and sensitivity is especially important in this specialty. I have happily worked with, studied alongside, and treated people from many social and cultural backgrounds in several countries. I come from a culture in which hospitality, personal warmth and a highly developed sense of humor are the norm and this has helped me to easily establish and develop friendly and trusting relationships with colleagues and patients. I speak Georgian, Russian, English, German and French and have travelled widely. At the time of this application, I have taken some time off from my work in the UK to spend some time in New York in order to acquire some local clinical experience and knowledge of the US healthcare system. I am aware that there will be many well qualified applicants for residency positions in this popular specialty but I believe that I have the potential to make important contributions, especially to to research. I hope to have the privilege of meeting you and conversing about how my passion for maternal health might be compatible with the unique goals and resources of your institution.

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