Residency Radiology, Medical Imaging, Pakistani

A resident position in medical imaging would be a dream come true for me, especially as it would prepare me for a lifetime of service teaching medical imaging to students at a university. I am a very hardworking and dedicated person who is highly committed to my work and extremely motivated to further develop and exercise my leadership qualities. Throughout my 8 years of service at Toronto Western Hospital, I have consistently been involved in research projects dealing with or directly related to some aspect of radiology. My colleagues often tell me that I stand out as competent, mature and respectful with an excellent knowledge of medical imaging—and a broad range of up-to-date awareness of all aspects of my field, from the technical aspects related to physics through the application of clinical care. My extensive knowledge of pathology has helped me to become highly effective in my work with medical imaging and my facility with identification has often resulted in protocol modification to the benefit of my patients. Despite the fact that I work in a highly complex and technical area and with critically ill patients, I have excelled at patient management through the exercise of my refined problem solving skills and perennial good cheer. This is why I am very much appreciated by my colleagues and senior staff.

As my career makes progress, I look forward to shouldering additional responsibilities in patient care and staff organization to make sure that any operation that I am responsible for will operate most effectively. As someone who is passionately dedicated to lifelong education, I have a keen interest in leaning and research activities. Despite the stress involved in adapting to a new culture and customs as I have increasingly made Canada my home and Canadian culture my own over the years,  I have consistently continued to enhanced my knowledge in medical imaging, staying fully up to date in my field through university courses and on-the-job trainings. I very much enjoy teaching and I am enormously excited about the prospect of teaching because I have especially enjoyed teaching at our hospital in the case of new hires and medical students. I have received a lot of positive feedback on the way that I am able to explain complex subjects in highly intelligible ways.

I have always dreamed of teaching radiology as a professor, ever since I was first introduced to the many exciting achievements of nuclear medicine. I think being a professor will be the best use of my talent because I love to teach and I feel especially comfortable and fulfilled teaching, to individual students or in front of a class.

I have given almost my entire career to the development of a specialization in medical imaging. I have been involved in multiple aspects of medical imaging since the beginning of my career and for the past 8 years, I have been completely devoted to my work with the University Health Network and Toronto XXXX Hospital as a Medical Imaging Technologist. I have daily interaction with senior radiologists and staff working on different research projects. I assist with many highly complex MRI scans, always looking for improvements in existing procedures and protocols and I am especially pleased that my feedback has resulted in important and highly beneficial protocol modifications. I keenly look forward to becoming even more involved in learning and teaching because the more I learn and study, the more I want to continue to learn.  I consistently get feedback from my students that I make complex and challenging topics easier for them. I thank you for considering me for your program.

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