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Blog posts : "Dermatology Residency"

Dermatology MSc Diploma, HIV, Skin Disease

Now 27, I earned my medical degree in my native Kenya and subsequently completed my internship at a major hospital, attending to patients in various areas. I have chosen Dermatology to pursue as my specialization for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that Africa leads the world in skin…

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Residency in Dermatology. Saudi Dermatologist

Graduating 3rd in my class for medical school helped to boost my confidence that I would be able to excel in the practice of medicine even in such a demanding area as dermatology. In fact, I see my high level of motivation to distinguish myself in your residency program as one of my primary assets. …

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Residency Dermatology, Saudi Woman Doctor

I am a young Saudi woman who is determined to excel in several areas, mostly in medicine. While I am still in my first year of Internship, I have decided to make my first area of expertise dermatology. I have always excelled throughout my studies, ranking towards the very top of the student body in…

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Residency IM & Dermatology, Philippines

I am a Philippine woman who is now 34, and my family and I have just been granted permanent residency in the United States. I graduated from a medical school in the Philippines in March of 2002 and then fulfilled a one-year internship. For the past several years, I have lived and worked on the islan…

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Residency Dermatology, University Hospital

It has been said that someone who does nothing for his fellow man leads only a half-life. No other profession embodies this ideal more than the practice of medicine, which aims to protect and restore health, the one requisite for life. As such, I have directed my life to the practice of medicine, h…

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Residency Dermatology, Cross-cultural, Africa

For over seven years, I have dedicated my life, in terms of a highly decorated academic path and professional experiences, five of which have been purely clinical work, to the study of medicine. Each experience has led logically to the next, building on the previous one while ever-increasing my cli…

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Residency Pediatric Dermatology, Children

I hid behind my mother and asked myself, “Do I dare look again?” In all of my six years, I had never seen such an unusual-looking person. In front of me stood a lady with white hair and ghostly pale skin flecked with scattered brown spots. Why did she look like that? If she was indeed my mom’s sist…

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Medical Residency Dermatology, Herpes

While I continued to pull through the heavy water, I heard the coxswain call out, "This is it!" My feelings of complete exhaustion and loss of breath would have to wait. Months of getting up at five in the morning for drills on the Strong River would come down to one final moment. Rowing in college…

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Dermatology Residency, Rural India

During my early childhood, I was exposed to sick and injured patients who came to my parents for medical aid. My parents are not physicians but anthropologists who provided primary medical care in a rural village in India where I spent more than two years growing up. Not only did I see what a signif…

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Dermatology Residency, Children

In my six years, I had never seen such an unusual-looking person. In front of me stood a lady with white hair and ghostly pale skin flecked with scattered brown spots. Why did she look like that? If she was indeed my mom's sister, why wasn't she brown like everyone else in the family? Years later,…

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