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Fellowship Endocrinology, Saudi Arabian

The purpose behind my wanting to obtain a fellowship in Endocrinology in the United States is to acquire the knowledge and training necessary to help raise the standard of treatment and patient care in my native country of Saudi Arabia. My country of origin is renowned for its oil fields and for bei…

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Fellowship Endocrinology, Ukrainian

I am writing this on behalf of my application to your distinguished and competitive fellowship program in Endocrinology. As a doctor from the Ukraine, I have many years of experience in this and closely related areas, which I feel strongly would enable me to make significant contributions to your …

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Endocrinology Residency, VA Hospital

The clinical characteristics of the disease, the biological basis for understanding disease processes, and the rational approaches to diagnosing and treating conditions have always intrigued me. Acquiring medical education was very rewarding because while gaining knowledge of complicated biochemical…

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Endocrinology Residency, Chinese

I am a person who enjoys intellectual work, solving complex problems, and doing things systemically and methodically. This is one of the reasons I have given my life to studying endocrinology. The diverse knowledge an internist has, the many diseases an internist can treat, and the challenge of sim…

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