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Family Medicine Residency CARMS Canada, Pakistani

Being selected for your residency program in Family Medicine would represent the attainment of my ideal professional position. For the past eight years, I have been wholly devoted to my work with the University Health Network and Toronto XXXX Hospital as a Medical Imaging Technologist. As a recent i…

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Family Medicine Residency, South American

I cannot recall a time when I did not want to be a physician. My grandmother was the sole nurse in a small town in Colombia, and when visiting her as a child, I was allowed to be her unofficial and very junior ‘assistant.’ She had little equipment but provided first aid, simple injections, midwife s…

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Family Medicine Residency, Iran, Canada, USA

I hold a degree in Electrical Engineering and, during my studies, became involved in work related to medical imaging, which was fascinating, and I saw as a possible future career path in this area of work. During this time, I also undertook some beneficial medically related research which has been p…

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Residency in Family Medicine, Uzbekistan

I was born and raised in Uzbekistan and now reside in California. I hold an M.D. degree awarded by Tashkent Medical University in 1992 and later earned a Ph.D. from the Scientific Research Institute of Pulmonology and Phthisiology, both in Uzbekistan. I am a highly experienced physician and research…

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Family Medicine Residency, Arab Canadian

I am a woman doctor who was born in Morocco but left at the age of eight and was raised in Canada. I speak Arabic, French, and English fluently, and I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and an MD degree from the Medical University of the Americas.

 I had already developed a strong desire to b…

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Family Medicine Residency, Indian Applicant

In my homeland of India, we cherish our traditional close-knit familial bonds, and I feel fortunate to have grown up with all of my extended family members around me.  I will never forget the profound impact it had on our entire family, when one of my brothers-in-law fell ill with a rare form of br…

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Residency Family Practice, Osteopathic, India

Did you hear about that massive earthquake in India? Asked one of my classmates, who knew that I was from India. My jaw dropped, and a hundred thoughts went through my head. There I was during my first year of medical school, sitting anxiously about to take my first written anatomy exam, when one of…

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Residency Family Medicine Practice, Pakistan

Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, at 26, I am still a young woman. Yet, I am also an earnest, mature, and cosmopolitan a citizen of the world. Most of all, I have a well-developed sense of compassion and a deep and abiding respect and concern for the family and the practice of medicine. Compassion…

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Residency Holistic Family Medicine

Fresh out of my first year of internship, I had felt the need to sharpen my clinical skills, and, while deciding which specialty I wanted to devote a large part of my life to, I decided to do the right thing and accepted an eleven-month rotation of community service at Hospital Immaculee Conception…

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Residency Family Medicine, Inner City, Volunteer

I have dedicated my life to the cause of helping people through the practice of medicine. During my ER rotation, a two-year-old boy was brought in after suffering a laceration to his hand. I calmed him by distracting him with my stethoscope and was able to suture while minimizing the child’s anxiety…

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Family Medicine Residency, Military

To me, the most critical aspect of my future career as a physician is maintaining a sufficiently holistic view of medicine while avoiding too much compartmentalization. I see myself as a doctor who will be able to succeed by excelling at all aspects of patient care, whether it is the diagnosis, tr…

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