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Blog posts : "Family Medicine Residency"

Family Medicine Residency, Doctor from Ukraine

Like most young people, I was an idealist looking for a way to do my part in improving the world, and as my brother was studying medicine and immensely enjoying it, I decided to follow him in that field. It is a decision that I have never regretted.

I worked as a nurse in my home country of Ukraine…

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Residency Family Medicine, Brazilian, Florida

I hope to be selected for a residency position in Family Medicine with your distinguished health care organization due to my profound passion for the practice of Family Medicine and my readiness to respond, in particular, to the vast need for medical attention on the part of Hispanic populations. I …

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Residency Family Medicine Canada, Older Applicant

I am a doctor from India who decided to move to Canada permanently, and I came here two years ago, in 2012. At first, I was hesitant concerning undertaking my studies for examinations that I would need to practice medicine here in Canada, because of my age; I am now 52 years old. I decided to study …

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Family Medicine Residency CARMS, Canada

Growing up in my native Philippines, I dearly loved my little brother, who was always quite sickly. There were times, when he was gravely ill, that our doctors told us to “pray very hard.” I deeply resented this fatalistic attitude, and my brother’s suffering caused me to mature beyond my years and …

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Family Medicine Residency, Doctor from Georgia

I am a fully registered and licensed physician in the UK, where I serve as a practicing specialist in Ob/Gyn at the University Hospital of Wales, the third-largest hospital in the UK and the largest in Wales. I married a US citizen five years ago and intended to move to the US and to practice there.…

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Family Medicine Residency, Iranian Doctor

I am a physician and a psychiatrist from Iran who is now practicing in America. I follow the famous Persian poet, Ferdowsi, insofar as I see the mind as a mirror of the body. When someone is ill, I see their suffering written all over their face. Since I have continued to mature as a physician, now …

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Residency Family Medicine, Polish Doctor

I graduated in Poland in 2008 from the prestigious University of Medical Sciences in XXXX following a demanding and rewarding six-year program and moved to the US, shortly after qualifying. My goals are to obtain a Family Medicine Residency, excel within it, and to become a dedicated and highly infl…

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Residency Family Medicine, Romania

As a volunteer at the XXXX Veteran Affairs Medical Center, one of the nurses referred to me as: "the best help we have ever had." Hearing this meant a lot to me. This medical center stays especially busy, so I had ample opportunity to demonstrate my work ethic. I am applying to your residency progra…

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Residency in Family Medicine, Nigerian

It is now some years since I practiced as a physician in Nigeria. However, I have spent the intervening period working in a medical environment in the US, with which I am now very familiar. In addition to my medical-related work in the US, I have maintained a close interest in recent medical develop…

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