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Blog posts : "Internal Medicine Residency"

Internal Medicine, Canada, Young Saudi Woman

Sill only 26 years old, I am a young woman doctor from Saudi Arabia who is proud of the strides that I have made so far in medicine. I hope to become part of the medical community in America by being selected for a Residency Position in Internal Medicine in the USA so that I can grow professionally …

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IM Residency, Holistic, Malaysian

From a young age, I knew that I wanted to do something with my life to help others, and I made an early decision to pursue medicine. My training and experience to date have given me the unique responsibilities and privileges of being a physician. I feel honored to have been entrusted with these resp…

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IM Residency, Canada, Pakistani Doctor

In pursuing a residency in Internal Medicine at this University, several factors give rise to this application. Most important is my experience in IM; I have demonstrated a great deal of resolve and determination in reaching the stage at which I am making this application by broadening and deepening…

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Primary Care Residency, Cuban Doctor

Growing up in a third-world country, Cuba, struck by poverty, I have witnessed friends and families going through hardship and struggles of various kinds, including illnesses suffered due to a lack of healthcare resources, of which I myself also had firsthand experience. While going through such an…

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Residency Internal Medicine, Pulmonology, Saudi

A young woman and a doctor from Saudi Arabia, still only 25, I am an outgoing person who very much enjoys life, travel, and experiencing new things; my mosaic of life thus far, academic and professional experiences combined, have empowered me to excel in Internal Medicine.  I look forward to contri…

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Residency IM Gastroenterology, Chinese

A curious and outgoing person who enjoys myriad intellectual challenges, it has been natural for me to embrace internal medicine as my profession. While I have always strived to master a constantly deeper understanding of each sub-area of internal medicine, I have also embraced the goal of becoming …

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Residency Internal Medicine, Iraqi Doctor

I am an Iraqi doctor who was born in the Czech Republic and raised in Iraq and Yemen. I completed medical school in Yemen. Now 30 years old, I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. My friends and co-workers compliment me on my loving disposition and demeanor. I am a caring and sympathetic physician and woul…

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Residency Internal Medicine, Indian Application

My insatiable curiosity for medicine dates from the age of sixteen, when my father was diagnosed with three-vessel coronary artery disease. I was moved by his suffering and that of other patients, and these experiences resulted in my choice of a career in medicine as my life’s cause. I hope to join …

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IM Residency, Endocrinology, Diabetes

I was born, raised, studied, and qualified in India and have been in the US since May 2010, gaining clinical experience. I am especially interested in Internal Medicine and seek to complete a residency in that specialty with a view, ultimately, to return to India to open a hospital offering high-qua…

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Residency Internal Medicine, Indian, Externship IM

Since childhood, my enthusiasm has empowered me to excel at school. I always wanted to have goals and ambitions as perfect as arrows in archery, aiming at the circle's center. Consequently, I chose biology though many choices were open to me. Moreover, there appeared no better way of applying scient…

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Residency IM, Gastroenterology, Nigerian Doctor

Growing up in the southern part of Nigeria, I was always a diligent student with diverse interests. In particular, I excelled in the sciences and dreamed of becoming a doctor, someone who could cure my sick mother. I developed great admiration and respect for physicians visiting my mother when she w…

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Internal Medicine, Osteopathic, Egyptian Woman

A 39-year-old Arab woman, I am an Egyptian, an accomplished physician, a wife, and a mother, and I now live in New Jersey. A researcher, an accomplished geneticist, and a General Practitioner, fluent in English, I am completing my doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine next year. And I am now ready to b…

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Internal Medicine Residency, Nigerian Applicant

If there is one thing that I have come to appreciate in my many years in the medical profession, it is that no matter how much we think, we know there will always be something new to learn. When I first started out along my chosen career path, I was determined to be the best doctor I could possibly …

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Internal Medicine Residency Venezuela

A wise mentor once taught me the secret behind internal medicine’s role as a specialty within medicine. Its non-surgical key to being a diagnostic discipline lies in expert history-taking and skilled patient examination. Simple, but true; this observation by a compassionate doctor from my native cit…

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Residency IM, Mission Hospital, Indian

As doctors, the understanding we take from the lecture hall or textbook is but a fraction of our learning and must be closely integrated with practice.  It is as the Chinese saying, “Tell me, and I forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I understand.”  To this end, I have spent the pa…

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Medical Residency Acute Care, California

One of the most powerful moments of my life occurred in a crematorium. The shantytowns around Caracas, Venezuela, had been decimated by mudslides; I was working for the Venezuelan Red Cross, seeing patients from the tailgate of a four-wheel-drive pick-up truck. After a grueling day of shoveling in …

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Residency IM, Volunteer Work, Nigeria

I believe that I have been very fortunate in my chosen career in so far as I have been given so many opportunities to prove myself a worthy physician. Ever since I graduated from the University of XXXX six years ago, I have thrown myself wholeheartedly into my work with the philosophy that all my e…

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Residency Internal Medicine, Latina Physician

My parents, grandparents, aunt, and uncles have all given their energy, their lives, and careers, to the world of medicine. Indeed, as a child, I remember spending my summers in my grandparent's pharmacy, ever curious about all the various collections of differently colored and shaped pills and liq…

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Residency, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology

Growing up in India, watching my father, a physician, tend to the people of our community day or night. I always wanted to become a doctor as well; my father was my most excellent role model and principal encouragement. His unflappable calm under stress, hard-working nature, and his progressive app…

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Residency Internal, Family Medicine, IM/FM

As I write this, I think about the thousands of miles I have traveled in pursuit of the finest medical education, and exposure. I often wonder when people speak of healthcare disparities if they can ever truly grasp what it means. Having gone to medical school in India, I remember with great clarit…

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