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IM Residency, Canada, Pakistani Doctor

In seeking to pursue residency in Internal Medicine at this University, a number of factors give rise to this application. Most important is my experience in IM, I have demonstrated a great deal of resolve and determination in reaching the stage at which I am making this application by broadening and deepening my relevant experience as far as possible. I want to mention that I have had to demonstrate exceptional determination, enthusiasm and passion to overcome various obstacles in my professional journey.

I am currently working as an independent general Physician in Pakistan in a busy clinic and I intend to continue until January 2017 when I shall commence an observership in emergency medicine in Canada having received approval to join the XXXX Health System in XXXX.

With excellent results in school examinations, I was awarded a government scholarship for admission in medical school in Karachi. I graduated in 2004 with a distinction and took a House Job for one year in a tertiary care hospital before passing my FCPS1 exam. (Fellowship of the College of Physicians and Surgeons).  I worked for nearly two years as a Medical Officer in a private hospital and then joined the National Poisoning Centre of JPMC on clinical attachment for 3 months and then secured a Residency in Internal Medicine in 2008 where I was rotated in Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Psychiatry and Radiation Oncology for eight weeks in each department.

My practice in Internal Medicine has exposed me to substantial patient contact and consequently I believe that I have developed high level diagnostic skills ensuring that patient communication is a two-way process, going beyond the superficial to underlying problems and being sensitive to non-verbal signals. My top priority has always been to earn patient trust and I know it comes only after building rapport with patient and families. I have significant teamwork experience and always seek to learn from others whether junior or senior and enjoy sharing my own particular skills with others.

I have research experience and submitted my dissertation on bilirubin levels in acute stroke and its outcome. Resuming my research agenda is my priority in order to continue learning and to add to the sum of knowledge in my chosen field.  In order to promote health issues and awareness to all and to target the population who were not able to understand English well, I worked with other team members of our ward to translate the literature on common endocrine problems into Urdu.

Since 2011, I feel that I have entered into a different career phase, as I restarted my studies for the Canadian exams in order to attain a position as an internist here. Passing all my exams in a row I proactively strove to keep myself engaged with healthcare related activities to enhance my clinical skills under the supervision of practicing physicians in a different system . This year, I resigned from my paid job in family practice to take a step forward and enter into hospital work here. Lots of sweat, tears and patience have helped me to achieve this goal and I gained the opportunity to work in Cardiology, Neurology, Pediatrics and OB Gyn wards in XXXX Health, Oshawa, a teaching hospital affiliated with Queens University, working with medical students and residents from university, making friends, receiving input from those who have recently gone through the same process of obtaining residencies , familiarized myself with standard health care practice and insight into Ontario health care system. It was also great opportunity for learning about workplace culture and developing my communication skills.

I come from a country in which many different cultures and languages co-exist. My native language is Urdu but much of my education was conducted in the medium of English. During my medical training, I treated patients from remote, rural provinces and had learnt to communicate in the Sindhi language and to take account of the cultural sensitivities, ethical dilemmas and differences arising. I am fairly widely travelled in South Asia, the Middle East and North America and hope to extend my experience by visiting Europe when possible. I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people from many ethnic and social backgrounds. I enjoy sharing information about my own culture and learning about others.

Long-term, my career objectives are to work as an internist, both in academic and private settings. I am committed to contributing to the health care system both individually and as a team worker. The work of the internist means life-long engagement in long term patient relationships, understanding patients’ perspectives and working for the welfare of all patients as well as providing the pathway to a host of interesting subspecialties and areas of research.

To summarise, I can offer a very wide-ranging medical background, research experience, strong academic ability and proven determination and commitment to the pursuit of Internal Medicine together with the relevant skills that I have acquired and developed in my country and in Canada.

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