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Residency Vascular Neurology, Preventing Strokes

In August of 2012, I flew home to Saudi Arabia (KSA) for an annual vacation with my family to celebrate the Eid holiday. I still remember Ms. A's voice when she called me, like she was crying, asking me to help her daughter and guide the family to get proper treatment. In my short visit to her home,…

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Medical Residency Neurology, Chinese Doctor

I have always believed that those of us who choose to enter the medical profession, do so for a million different reasons. No one can say that one may have more merit than another, but each of us seems to have a profoundly personal incentive that makes us do what we do so diligently. I grew up in Ch…

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Residency Neurology, Neurological Challenge

I chose Neurology as my specialty for the simple reason that, among all my rotations, it was my patients that had neurological problems which most pricked my curiosity and incited my passion for challenge. I achieved the most incredible sense of satisfaction and enjoyment from delivering health care…

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Residency Neurology, Grandfather Inspiration

I lost my grandfather when I was 16 years old, and although he may never know this, he is my inspiration to enter the field of Neurology. There are two images of him that I remember most vividly. As a young child, I remember my grandfather as a strong and vibrant man, the person who bought me animal…

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