Medical Residency Neurology, Chinese Doctor

I have always believed that those of us who choose to enter the medical profession, do so for a million different reasons. No one can say that one may have more merit than another but each of us seems to have a deeply personal incentive that makes us do what we do so diligently. I grew up in China where I was able to witness from an early age the suffering brought about by serious disease that could not be met with an effective cure. At such an impressionable age it was disturbing to see friends and loved ones stoically facing their own mortality while doctors and nurses were unable to provide any kind of realistic treatment. These memories have remained with me and have provided me ever since with the drive and determination to be the best possible physician.

My goal as a doctor is always to search out new knowledge and examine fresh ideas because medicine is constantly evolving and established techniques and practices become swiftly outdated in the face of new technology and thinking. Complacency is extremely dangerous since it implies that we have learnt all that there is to be learnt. Yet if we do not continually push ourselves to greater things we cannot hope to expand our knowledge in whatever field we choose to specialize.

I have been very fortunate in that I was accepted into some of the best teaching hospitals in China where I was determined to achieve the best education available to me. I was part of a highly competitive program at XXXX Medical University which gave us access to some of the best research laboratories in the country. During my time here I learnt basic knowledge and the techniques of molecular biology. Under the excellent tutorship of Dr XXXX and Dr XXXX I was involved in extensive research into gene identification and cloning.

My time at XXXX Medical University gave me the opportunity to get hands on clinical experience. Not only was I involved in routine patient care, but I also had many chances to independently perform important diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as IV injection, thoracocentesis, lumbar puncture, paracentesis, Foley catheter placement, bone marrow aspiration and even small surgeries. I became thoroughly immersed in every new aspect of medicine that I was introduced to and I think this commitment was reflected in my consistently top grades.

While I was busy absorbing all this knowledge and experience I was also maturing as a our clinical rotations progressed it became increasingly apparent that there were countless diseases which as yet had no effective treatment, let alone a cure. So long as existing methods and applications are not sufficient then it is essential that extensive academic research and innovation in medical practices becomes a mandatory part of modern medicine. It had already become evident that the incredible advances being made in molecular biology had created and would continue to create enormous possibilities for research. The benefits this would provide to medical researchers in identifying new diagnostic tools and therapeutic modalities would be crucial in improving treatments and the quality of life of our patients.

Since I arrived in the United States I have continued to pursue extensive post doctoral training which has encompassed several interconnected fields of medical research. I have worked with Dr XXXX on pre clinical evaluation of Microbeam Radiation Therapy. I worked at the State University of XXXX in the department of biomedical engineering, genetics and orthopedics. At St XXXX Hospital of XXXX University School of Medicine I worked alongside Dr XXXX, the principal investigator of the department of neurology. This not only involved basic research which in itself I found to be a fresh challenge, but it also showed me how, through collaboration with the biotech industry, we were able to market the ideas we had generated in the lab. Thus my fascination with neurology had been enhanced by the understanding of how our research could have very real and immediate applications. This realization is an important one because it proved that academic and practical research play an extremely crucial role in providing day to day relief from suffering.

I believe that the research experience that I have gained since arriving in the United States, together with my solid university education, has put me in a very strong position to accept a residency in neurology. I have seen the appropriate handling procedures of a hospital based care system and I have learnt the importance of teamwork through the cooperation between nurses doctors and administrative staff. My aim is to develop a career dedicated to pursuing a research methodology which integrates genetics, pathology and pharmacology with the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. I want to combine basic research with its application in clinical medicine and I believe that a strong program with a certain emphasis on academic research will allow me to achieve this.

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