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Blog posts : "Neurosurgery Residency"

Residency Neurosurgery, Canada, Archery

From early childhood, I hoped to ‘make a difference rather than merely ‘make a living, and there are few fields in which a more direct and beneficial difference is made in the life of another than through neurosurgery. The area also attracts me for the same reasons that archery (at which I excel) an…

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Neurosurgery Residency, Mysteries of the Brain

I date my singular dedication to neurosurgery to the moment I observed an aneurysm clipping as a second-year medical student. I had studied the brain’s structural intricacies, seen hundreds of MRI images of it during my research years, and learned about its diseases. Yet, I was completely awestrick…

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Neurosurgery Residency, Raised On a Farm

I consider my rural Kentucky upbringing, with all its pitfalls and limitations, to be the formative force in molding my work ethic and in maximizing my abilities toward a career path in neurosurgery. It was in this environment that I learned to be resourceful, learning that failure is sometimes life…

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