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Residency in Ob/Gyn, Family Medicine, Community

I have undertaken residencies in General Surgery in India and in Family and Community Medicine in the US. However, having had my own child in the second year of living and having the experience of treating many low-risk obstetrics/gynecology patients during the latter residency, a growing interest in Ob-Gyn was fired.  I now recognize that this is a specialty that I should pursue.

 In my culture, it is not always easy for a woman to provide confidential information or submit to an intimate examination by a stranger, no matter how well qualified. Happily, I was always able to obtain the confidence of my patients in these matters quickly. I feel that this natural affinity to, and empathy for, female patients has been dramatically increased by my own experience of pregnancy and in giving birth and has also been recognized and appreciated by patients since my move to the US.

 My goal is to join a residency program in a challenging and supportive environment in which I will acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to enable me to practice both in Ob-Gyn and Family Medicine, possibly in a community health setting. I am also interested in the possibility of pursuing a fellowship in the specialty before returning to practice.

 My completed residencies have provided me with knowledge and skills that are, for the most part, wholly transferable to this specialty. Surgery has given me the confidence to make my own decisions, has honed my manual dexterity, and allowed me to develop my eye for detail and thoroughness in approach entirely. Family medicine has provided me with significant experience in disease prevention, health promotion, primary management of common diseases, and in forming and maintaining positive relationships with patients.  Through my role as an FP-OB provider for my practice, I discovered my strengths and limitations. While I can make critical patient care decisions, even in stressful situations, I am always ready to seek guidance when the problem appears to warrant it. Family Medicine has also exposed me to many low-risk obstetrics/gynecology patients, and this exposure has dramatically enhanced my interest in the specialty. I am keen to be able to provide specialist preventative care and continuity of care to Ob/Gyn patients of all kinds.  

 As an attending physician and formerly clinic director at a Community Health Center, I have acquired and developed skills in prioritization, delegation, and organization both in and out of the operating room.  

 My special interests are: family planning, contraception, minimally invasive gynecological surgery, and preventing STDs. I hope to be able to assist in research in one or more of these areas of work, and I hope to pursue research throughout my future career. I am a naturally curious person with the patient, determined and organized approach that successful research requires. I am also keen to develop teaching skills as I enjoy sharing knowledge and encouraging others to recognize and achieve their professional potential.

I am aware of the vital importance of cultural and social sensitivity in providing healthcare, and in this specialty, perhaps more than any other. My home country is culturally diverse, and I have happily studied alongside, treated, and worked with people from many cultural and social backgrounds both in India and the US. I have provided services to free clinics in both countries. I have always been determined to treat the patients at such clinics with the same respect and professional care that I would afford to the most prominent or wealthy patients.  I am particularly interested in indigent care, and I hope to apply the additional knowledge and skills acquired in the residency to help such patients with advice and treatment.

 I understand that there will be very many well-qualified applicants for residency vacancies in this specialty. However, I do consider myself to be an exceptional candidate. I have much relevant working experience; I relate exceptionally well with female patients; The rank attained in my bachelor's studies suggests my academic ability and diligence; I am happy working in, or leading, a team to achieve common goals.  Most importantly, I offer a deeply felt passion and enthusiasm for the specialty and a determination to excel within it so that I can offer exceptional patient care.  

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