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Blog posts : "Pathology Residency"

Residency Pathology, Indian Woman Doctor

A 29-year-old woman doctor from India, I have been making my home here in the USA for more than two years now, and I could not be happier to continue to advance in the practice of medicine here in America, where it is state-of-the-art, helping me to learn very quickly and to grow professionally in l…

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Pathology Residency, Diagnostics, Indian Applicant

Since my second year of medical school, I have felt most inclined toward the diagnostic aspects of clinical medicine. This is why I spent so many extra hours in the laboratory pursuing biological questions and answers. I realized how critical a role is identifying pathogens plays in the diagnosis a…

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Residency Pathology, Cancer, Chinese

After graduation, I took up a residency in Surgery, specifically Urological Oncology, in a local clinical center in China. During this time, I was frequently frustrated with the classic methods of a cancer diagnosis. Many cancers had become incurable by the time they had been diagnosed. Also, many p…

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Residency IM, Pathophysiology, Indian

As I write this, I think back on how thousands of miles from everything I ever knew in India, the little boy I once was, growing up on a farm in rural India, and the events that placed my feet irrevocably onto the path of Medicine.  When I was just 13 years old, I remember my mother suffering from …

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Medical Residency Pathology, Kazakhstan

We never forget where we come from, our beginnings, however humble, and the precious few years of our childhood that define who we are indeed are at heart. As a child growing up in Kyiv, I remember myself sitting at my grandmother's knee, watching as she injected herself with insulin, promising her…

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Medical Residency Pathology, Chinese

I was born in Northeast China's Jilin Province, the so-called Manchuria region in the past. It remains an economically underdeveloped region at present. My family was relatively impoverished when I was a child. My uncle and aunt devoted significant attention to my education. They could hardly make …

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Residency Pathology, Epidemiology

I have an eye for detail; I love working with technology, and investigating tissues under the microscope captures my curiosity to no end. This is why, when a recent opportunity to use a scanning electron microscope came by, I jumped at it. I'm now deeply involved in conducting ultra-microscopic tis…

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Residency Pathology, Psychogenic Disorders

Why has been a primary motivation since I can remember, from the time I first became interested in the workings of the human body to the present, as I stay current with changes in medicine as a family practitioner. Growing up, I found human anatomy and physiology fascinating. The first year of medi…

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Medical Residency Pathology, India

Diagnosis of disease has always been my passion. It is what attracted me to a career in medicine. For me, there has been nothing more exciting than the challenge involved in unraveling the mysteries of the human body. I was introduced to Pathology in the second year of my medical school and had also…

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