Fellowship Pediatric Emergency, Iranian

I date my interest in practicing medicine to approximately the age of 10, when my father’s work took me to spend 3 months in a rural area in the south of Iran with little to no medical care. I am not sure why at such a tender age I became so thoroughly fascinated with sickness and death in this small village where I lived, but this is what happened. Most of all, the center of my attention in this village were the children who were sick. After my experience in this small village, when I went back home to stay with my grandmother, I continued to study about why people got sick, especially children, and I learned much more than most children my age about the importance of hygiene and the negative aspects of some cultural factors, becoming especially conscious concerning the need for clean water and adequate sanitation in the home.

As a very small child, I think I began to believe originally that only old people got sick and died. When I found out that this happens to some children as well, I was in shock, becoming conscious of my own mortality for the first time, since I was still a child myself. In fact, my interest in saving the lives of children would go on to become my life’s work, the centerpiece of my existence and consciousness. Now, 38 years old with 7 years in Canada and 5 years in US, I am most recently completing 2 years of pediatric residency. My residency position in pediatric medicine has greatly enhance my vision and leadership skills as I have come to better understand and be able to tackle the systemic issues and challenges that always help my team to work to overcome. I have learned a great deal about patient and family management in a variety of areas of pediatric care. I particularly enjoy working with specialist physicians from the many different areas or subspecialties that touch upon pediatrics because they are relevant to children and their families.

I feel that I am a solid applicant to your competitive fellowship program in pediatric emergency medicine. While I am a joint author of two journal publications, I am not yet published in the area of pediatrics; nevertheless, this is very much the direction in which I am moving. My current research involves using simulation to assess the readiness of pediatric residents in the management of hypoxia during lumbar puncture. I am also working on evaluation of reliability of Pediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) as a screening tool in a general Emergency Department. I am especially pleased to report that I am working on a case series on mortality in asthmatic patients and proposals concerning on how to lower that mortality rate. Finally, I am also pleased to have been awarded the XXXX Award for Excellence in Patient Care 2012 as well as the Pediatric Clerkship Resident Teaching Award, granted by XXXXUniversity School of Medicine 2012/2013.

My grandmother in Iran serves me a great inspiration as a community organizer in the face of earthquakes and someone who helped to build numerous hospitals and medical centers. My grandmother introduced me to many fine doctors as I was growing up and her example has helped me to set my sights high. My grandmother’s training helps me to appreciate the sheer magnitude of my consistent goal throughout my life so far, becoming the finest and most adept pediatric doctor that I can possibly be. And it is in the area of emergency where I find my most creative ideas and greatest passion lie.

I am also an engineer and have worked professional as a computer instructor. I find my background in this area to be enormously beneficial as it raises my effectiveness using the most modern of electrical innovations at hand. I am a hard worker who wants to give my all to furthering research in your program and having the opportunity to get to know such a fine team of physicians as well as the patients that we will care for as we also from them as well. I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished fellowship program.

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