Residency Pediatric Emergency Medicine

After enjoying every clinical rotation during my third year I thought it would be difficult to choose a specialty, but ultimately it was an easy decision. By the end of my third year, I suspected that Emergency Medicine was right for me. This belief was confirmed on the first day of my fourth-year Emergency Medicine elective and continued through my Pediatric Emergency Medicine elective. The variety of clinical encounters, procedures, and degrees of illness makes Emergency Medicine extremely appealing to me. Being the first physician to assess the patient's needs, provide treatment, and recommend a next step for continued treatment is both challenging and gratifying. Each new patient presents something different and each will provide a learning opportunity at all phases of my career.

My past experiences have helped me develop qualities that are essential for the practice of Emergency Medicine. My hard work and motivation to learn have enabled me to develop a broad foundation of knowledge and clinical skills. My service on the Honor Court as president and as a representative, and my participation on faculty committees has fostered leadership, decision-making, and communication skills that will be valuable whether I am working with students, house officers, faculty members, or consultants. My many years of varsity soccer have helped me to strengthen my mental and physical endurance, discipline and teamwork. Developing a tuberculosis screening clinic and working with people with HIV who were addicted to drugs heightened my sensitivity and my desire to work with patients from all backgrounds. My supportive wife, parents, and brothers, and interests outside of medicine, including running, soccer, tennis, and music, provide me with a necessary balance in my life. They have also helped me develop the strength and vision necessary to accomplish my goals within and outside of my medical career.

I would like to continue my education in an academic residency program which includes a varied patient population and ample opportunities to obtain the training and skills that a competent Emergency Medicine physician needs. I look forward to involvement in research opportunities so that I might contribute to the exciting and rapidly growing field of Emergency Medicine research. I will consider completing a fellowship after I have had some experience as a house officer. I intend to make teaching part of my career, as a way to continue my academic, clinical, and personal growth. My ultimate goal is to improve the practice and delivery of Emergency Medicine as a leader and teacher in the setting in which I practice. Thank you for your consideration. I look ahead to the next phase of my training with great excitement and strong commitment.

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