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In my homeland of India, we cherish our traditional close-knit familial bonds, and I feel fortunate to have grown up with all of my extended family members around me.  I will never forget the profound impact it had on me when my beloved aunt was diagnosed with leukemia.  Her children, my cousins would come and play at our house frequently, as their mom spent lengths of time in hospital.

Even though I was young, myself, just in 8th grade, I could still see past my cousins’ innocence that belied the agony in their faces, knowing their mother was very ill.  I found myself constantly wanting to know the reasons for the cancer, and turned to my biology teacher, but he could not quite convey everything I needed to know.  He saw me wrestling with the concepts, was moved by my serious attempts at understanding and volunteered to take me to a physician who was a consultant at a nearby hospital.  I will never forget the visit, his delight at seeing me, genuine concern, and answering all of my questions patiently and in a way I could understand.  I changed that day, forever, my feet firmly placed on the path to Medicine.  Through hard work and determination, medical school brought this to reality, the very same principals that will serve to fuel my success in a quality Pediatric medicine residency.

During my rotations, I encountered many children and worked alongside some brilliant Pediatricians.  I was frequently struck by the innocence and honesty of children, and this endeared these little patients to me profoundly.  I found myself imagining how I would fit into the role of a healthcare advocate for children, by encouraging preventative medicine and having the opportunity of guiding them towards healthy choices. 

Pediatricians have a responsibility that is unparalleled in the medical community as they are not only concerned with the physical health of their patients, but the emotional and social health of children as well, throughout their amazing maturation from childhood to adulthood.  I find the myriad types of patients Pediatrics offers more than challenging, it is something I would cherish.  From neonates to adolescents, from patients with emotional problems to those with asthma, diabetes or gastroenteritis, the requisite care encompasses a broad spectrum of services.  Be it immunizing children against disease or diagnosing and treating illnesses ranging from the acute to the chronic, it is a service I would be privileged to provide.  The special bond that is created when treating children and the unique possibility of caring for them well into adulthood holds particular satisfaction for me.

In anticipation and preparation for the challenge and opportunity of a Family Medicine residency, I have taken many steps in preparation for the rigors of residency.  More specifically, and further solidifying my certainty that I am on exactly the right path, I got to experience the thrill of many pediatric cases under the guidance of Dr. XXXX, an amazing family physician who has touched many patients’ hearts not only through her compassionate care but also through personal bonding.

Following Dr. XXXX’s example, I too aspire to a similar lifelong career in medicine that will balance clinical practice and research initiatives.  This combination of disciplines will allow me to maintain close interactions with patients and families, while simultaneously affording me the chance to contribute to the advancement of medicine.  In order to accomplish these career goals, I need a dynamic residency program that will challenge me to achieve my full professional potential, one that focuses on personal and professional development, through diverse clinical exposure and unique relationships with colleagues.

My international medical training has equipped me with a diverse skill set and I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in hands-on clinical experiences and scientific research activities.  Performing research in both India and the United States has strengthened my ability to work with multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals, as well as build my critical and analytical thinking skills.  Moreover, Pediatric Medicine offers a broad scope of challenges, and dynamics, incorporating elements like prevention, disease management, performing procedures and practicing in varied settings, from private offices to hospitals.  I also like working with patients from all walks of life and across all age ranges.

Additionally, I strive to maintain a balance in my life, complementing my ambitions with such hobbies as writing poetry and amateur photography, diversions that help relieve stress and channel my energy in positive ways.  I feel that photography has also helped me develop a keen eye for detail and creative, even playful expression.  In addition, I also enjoy cooking and experiment with a variety of different ethnic recipes.

As a candidate for residency, I am prepared to offer a multicultural perspective, solid clinical skill set, as well as my personal attributes of hard work, determination and perseverance to the program.  I am eager to learn all that I can in residency, while simultaneously contributing to a culture of excellence along with my colleagues.  With the skills and knowledge I will gain as a resident of pediatric medicine, I look forward to positively impacting the lives of many patients and their families.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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