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Blog posts : "Psychiatry Residency"

Residency Psychiatry, Indian Woman in Canada

My introduction to Psychiatry and mental health issues was abrupt; 2 years ago, a medical student with her area of specialization undecided, and my fiancé, XXXX, was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Now finishing medical school, I seek a career in psychiatry, because this is the area that I know best. …

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Psychiatry and Mental Health Residency, Indian

I am a doctor who, throughout the last few years, has earned her MPH as well as learning and teaching various complementary energy healing therapies that could assist the patients in your program a great deal in their recovery, healing, and relieving stress. Thus, I think I am a strong candidate an…

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Residency Geriatric Psychiatry, Indian

I am a physician from India who has just finished five years of residency training in Scotland, one year in medicine, and four in psychiatry. Over the last four years, I developed a special affection and intrigue with the mental health challenges of older people suffering from debilitating diseases.…

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Residency Position in Psychiatry, Iranian Doctor

I am a physician and a psychiatrist from Iran, now practicing in America. I follow the famous Persian poet, Ferdowsi, insofar as I see the mind as a mirror of the body with suffering written all over the faces of those who bear it. Long ago, I first became interested in psychiatry due to my mother’s…

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Psychiatry Residency, Canadian Mental Health

When I was a child, one of my aunts suffered severe depression. I was aware of mixed reactions among the adults in the family; some ridiculed here, others regarded her as merely weak, others as an embarrassment, and others with sympathy, but no one seemed to be curious about why she suffered in this…

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Residency in Psychiatry, Alzheimer’s Chinese

At first, I was not incredibly excited about my psychiatry rotation and regarded it only as a duty that I had to fulfill to qualify. However, I soon became fascinated with the patients, their conditions, and their treatments. I realized that every patient was a person who harbored goals and hopes an…

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Residency in Psychiatry, Pharmacology

I was not looking forward to my rotation in the psychiatric ward and regarded this as only as a necessary obstacle that I had to surmount to qualify as a doctor. However, I became fascinated with the patients, their conditions, and their treatments. I soon realized that every patient was a person wh…

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Residency Psychiatry, Puerto Rican Doctor

I am a physician from Puerto Rico, and I would like very much to do my residency training in psychiatry. I am looking forward to finding a program that will help me not only to train as a psychiatrist but also provide me with the professional opportunity to sharpen my leadership skills. As a Hispani…

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Residency Psychiatry, New Yorker, Nurse, MBA

I am a New Yorker, a physician, a woman of Italian origins, who has dedicated her to life to the study of medicine for many years now. For some time, my personal reading and intellectual progression have been in the area of psychiatry. Now a mature doctor at the age of 38, this trend continues to d…

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Residency Psychiatry Indian Doctor, Spanish

I am a spirited and highly dedicated physician, very much a team player, and I have significant experience working in diverse, high-stress environments. I have excelled professionally by placing a high priority on exemplary conduct, ethical standards, and personal integrity. I have a long record of …

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Medical Residency in Psychiatry, Canada

He was just 11 at the time it happened. Until that tragic day, he had led a prominent, even famous life within an affluent Canadian family. The car accident left his body a shattered quadriplegic with cerebral palsy due to an anoxic brain injury. While his mom and dad survived more favorably, physic…

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Medical Residency Psychiatry, MPH Degree

British physician John Brown said it best when he said. It is not a case we are treating; it is a living, palpitating, alas, too often suffering fellow-creature. For me, this sentiment captures the role and responsibility of doctors not just in providing treatment to patients, but also in living out…

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Medical Residency Psychiatry, Addictions

When people ask me: Why are you going into psychiatry? I have a simple response. Because it's what I most love to do, it has always seemed to be what comes most naturally. Combining my medical school education, clinical rotations, and work experiences with my profound love of life, provides me with …

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