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Residency in Radiology, Canada, Qatar

I have been told that the key to being an excellent radiologist is never to forget that behind every single image, there is a unique individual who is almost certainly very anxious. They have loved ones and friends who are also worried. The image represents real people with fears and hopes and is of…

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Radiology Fellowship Abdominal Imaging

For many years now, I have been profoundly dedicated to the in-depth study of radiology. Foremost among my professional engagements have been my exposure to the work of many outstanding radiologists. I have learned from them that we must rid ourselves of all preconceived notions of what we are looki…

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Residency Radiology, Chinese, Hong Kong

At 37, I am a mature woman, very diligent, and most dedicated to the practice of medicine. I seek a residency position in radiology because this is my greatest passion, since I see it as the central key to correct diagnosis, especially early diagnosis; thus, I am looking for a position where I can …

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Residency Radiology, Taiwanese Woman Doctor

I am exceptionally skilled at constant adaptation to new environments. I learned to celebrate the value of compassion and understanding for my patients, especially for those with special needs. I now appreciate more clearly than ever the profound beauty of multicultural and multilingual societies in…

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Radiology Residency, Love & Passion

Radiology first saved my life and then stole my heart. After enduring activity-limiting hip pain for five years of adolescence, it was the teamwork of an internist and radiologist who jointly diagnosed the developmental dysplasia of my hip. My experience as a patient, seeing first-hand how dramatica…

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