Surgical Pathology Fellowship, Indian Woman


A woman and a doctor from India, I have been in the USA since 2009, learning everything that I can about the practice of medicine, especially with respect to my central passion in life, Surgical Pathology. In particular, I thrive to become proficient in examining a broad range of surgical specimens, ranging from small biopsies to extended radical procedures, including both routine and unusual neoplastic and non-neoplastic specimens. In addition to the extensive experience that I am acquiring in this area, primarily as a result of my current residency training at the University of Minnesota, I would like to hone my surgical pathology skills by getting further training at your renowned fellowship program in Surgical Pathology.

I especially enjoy the way that Surgical Pathology serves virtually every other specialty of medicine, thereby helping me stay well-informed of other clinical specialties like Gynecology, Surgery, Dermatology and many more. I strongly believe that pathologists must serve as an integral part of the healthcare team. During my residency training, I have come to appreciate more fully the critical importance of the clinical-pathological correlation, in order for pathologists to make their greatest contributions as part of the broader "health care team". What I find most challenging at this stage in my training is interacting with surgeons during operating room consultations for frozen sections. I want to gain as much confidence as I can in this area in particular, to play this critical role as a pathologist.

Following my residency training in India, I started working as a Pathologist in a County hospital. Keeping abreast of the medical advances during this tenure, I came to better appreciate the way in which so many new approaches are being employed in the USA. I increasingly found myself longing to study and practice medicine in the USA, to become part of that cutting-edge tradition of excellence. And my dream has come true with my current training at the University of XXXX as a result of the excellence not only of the university facility, state of the art ancillary laboratories and the experienced faculty, but also the opportunity to rotate at great university-affiliated, community hospitals, particularly XXXX County Medical Center and XXXX Hospital.

My short term goals are to learn new developments in diagnostic & prognostic studies that might impact on patient care & prognosis, improve the ability to do independent sign-outs under the guidance of your experts and to further develop my supervisory and management skills. In the long term, I am looking forward to working in a community hospital where a well-rounded Pathologist trained in Surgical Pathology is very much needed. And I am confident that the fellowship training at University of XXXX will prepare me to reach these goals.

Being selected for a fellowship position with your distinguished program at the University of XXXX will enable me to fulfill my central professional dreams and visions to the fullest extent possible. I thank you for considering my application.

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