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I am a physician in Iran who is extremely devoted to the cause of women’s health. I am so fully aware of the fact that in my country, Iran, we have so much to learn. We look to the West to help us. This is why I humbly ask for the privilege of serving as a Family Physician with your distinguished institution. It is my hope that after serving as a resident for several years, I will be able to learn the most valuable of tools, and the wisdom that I will need when I return to Iran to do everything for the cause of women’s health in my own country. As the Middle East is once again turning into a ball of fire, we are going to need many physicians with exceptional training to help save the lives of families caught up in our conflicts. I am not optimistic about Middle East politics. And I look forward to helping.

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Family Medicine Residency Personal Statement, Algerian Doctor on the Front Lines for the Developing World

A medical doctor from Algeria, for the last several years I have been making my home with my husband in Massachusetts, working towards a full resumption of my career as a doctor here in the USA. I could not be happier as part of the medical community here in America; I cannot wait to get to Cambridge Health Alliance Hospital each day where I have been serving as a volunteer Health Advisor since February of this year, 2017. I also became a Registered Medical Assistant this past May, 2017. In addition to English, I am a native speaker of Arabic and also fully fluent in French. Thus, I look forward to always being on call if and when the need arises for a doctor capable of providing medical care in these languages in addition to English.

In most of my spare time, I read about Family Medicine and, although most of my specialty training so far has been in the area of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, I feel strongly that it is in Family Medicine where I could best realize my full potential in medicine, especially since I long to be on the front lines of service to the underserved in my community. Family Medicine is the area that will train me to do the greatest good in the future, providing holistic medicine to families in great need.

In addition to my preparation here in the USA, I feel that my extensive experience practicing medicine in a busy University Hospital in Algeria, attending to a wide range of cases for more than 5 years (October 2004 - April 2010), will help me to hit the ground running in your program. I am a quick learner who is keenly looking forward to long hours on my feet for the fullest immersion experience possible in Family Medicine.

The extensive immersion experience in Community Health that I have had the privilege of obtaining this year, an observership, shadowing and assisting Dr. XXXX in Fitchburg MA, has me convinced that I have a lot to contribute to the practice of medicine in the USA. I selected Dr. XXXX primarily on the basis of the fact that such a large part of the patients that he sees are low-income families with no health insurance, often of minority communities that are in need of the greatest support, many homeless and elderly patients.

I have been active as a volunteer both before and since I came to the USA. Here in Massachusetts, I have been assisting as a Health Advisor offering blood pressure and diabetes screenings along with nutrition counseling. I also work hard to provide the members of our community with tobacco cessation tools. I have volunteered with a local program fighting drug addiction and Wic, helping the poor find access to food. For me, local community is not just geographic but also faith-based. A member of the Muslim community, I volunteer with the SAWA Association, helping needy members find access to healthcare. I am also involved with a quality assessment/improvement project in Fitchburg that seeks to help patients with frequent visits to the emergency room to find a regular doctor who is able to care for them as out patients. In this way, their medical condition can be controlled by a primary care physician so that it does not reach the chronic stages or episodes that result in a visit to the emergency room.

After graduation from medical school, I joined one of the more competitive otolaryngology residency programs in Algeria and treated people of all ages with a variety of head to neck pathologies for half a decade. I had to think quickly and stay focused under stressful conditions – especially since surgery was included in my training and responsibilities. I was also responsible for teaching medical students in this area.

My passion for helping those with limited access to medical care was greatly advanced during my residency program when I spent a full year working in a hospital in Tamanrasset, a remote city in the Sahara. The only otolaryngologist in the region, it was a great challenge. I also volunteered to support a team of doctors visiting Tinzawatene, known as “seven kilometers of hell” and “a place of death,” it was filled with refugees from civil wars in Mali and Nigeria, traumatized and unvaccinated children, nomads who had never seen a doctor before, etc. We did not have enough resources to help everyone. This experience has helped me to prepare for treating refugees from all over the world, the poor, homeless, transient, needy.

I take pride and find great joy on being a multilingual woman doctor from the Developing World preparing for the front lines of Family Medicine directed towards the underserved. I thank you for considering my application to join your team in Family Medicine.

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