Sample 1st Paragraph for Residency Position in Family Medicine

I am a physician in Iran who is extremely devoted to the cause of women’s health. I am so fully aware of the fact that in my country, Iran, we have so much to learn. We look to the West to help us. This is why I humbly ask for the privilege of serving as a Family Physician with your distinguished institution. It is my hope that after serving as a resident for several years, I will be able to learn the most valuable of tools, and the wisdom that I will need when I return to Iran to do everything for the cause of women’s health in my own country. As the Middle East is once again turning into a ball of fire, we are going to need many physicians with exceptional training to help save the lives of families caught up in our conflicts. I am not optimistic about Middle East politics. And I look forward to helping.

The International Family Medicine Fellowship serves the poor, under-served and developing countries.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for a Residency Position in Family Medicine, Cape Verdean

I hope to begin a residency position in Family Medicine in the State of Massachusetts, USA. Originally from Cape Verde, I completed medical school in Cuba. I am fully fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and have basic ability in French – in addition to being a native speaker of Cape Verdean Creole. I look forward to receiving the finest medical education and experience in the world as a resident in Family Medicine in Massachusetts. My central, long term, professional goal is to put my linguistic - alongside my medical - skills to work on behalf of the advancement of Family Medicine in the Developing World, not only in the Caribbean but also in Africa, and Latin America, particularly with regard to those countries in which I am fully fluent in the language.

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