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I have invested well over a decade in researching what makes the personal statement for medical residency or fellowship as effective as possible - particularly in the area of Neurosurgery. I invite you to fill out my Online Interview Form and send me your CV and/or rough draft for a free

How To Become a Neurosurgeon | Family Life As A Surgeon and More! Dr. Whitney James, a 6th year Neurosurgery Resident, Mother, and Wife tells us about how she balances work and life.

Volunteer Through Your University

For over 10 years, members of the University of Michigan Departments of Neurosurgery, Anaesthesiology, Paediatrics and Operating Rooms have been going on surgical outreach missions to treat spinal dysraphism and hydrocephalus in Guatemala, an extraordinary country with some of the worst health statistics in Latin America. The project is called Project Shunt, and the team provides neurosurgical care to the indigent children of Guatemala.

Since neural tube defects are endemic in Latin American in general, and Guatemala specifically, and prenatal care is so scarce, Project Shunt receives a lot of young patients to perform procedures on. The team travels with as much equipment as possible. Two basic surgical trays are prepared: small trays for reparis of myelomeningoceles, diastematomylias, terminal myelocystoceles, meningoceles and lipomyelomeningoceles. For more information about how they learned to solve various problems by alternate means, go to the full article.

Also, before you choose an institution for your residency, check to see if they have an international rotation or run similar activities.

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