Sample Personal Statement for Residency in Ob/Gyn, Indian Applicant to Hospital in Kenya

I hope very much to be selected for a residency position in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Aga Khan University Hospital, in Nairobi, Kenya. I feel strongly that I am qualified and look forward to being chosen on the basis of being a very hard worker always of good cheer, dedicated, I persevere in the face of obstacles. I am looking forward to long hours on my feet, giving my all to Ob/Gyn at Aga Khan.

While still a student in medical school, it was my rotations in Ob/Gyn that brought me the greatest sense of joy and fulfillment. The sheer thrill of being part of new life on a daily basis energizing my and incites my passion more than any other area of medicine. This is why I chose to focus on Ob/Gyn for my internship experience as well. I excelled as a medical student in this area of in particular, receiving nearly perfect scores because we tend to excel at what we love the most, the area in which are heart is most fully invested.

Now 27, I am an Indian woman, part of the Indian Diaspora in Africa, raised and educated in Kenya. I speak, read, and write Gujarati and Hindi in addition to English and Kiswahili. I am also at an intermediate level in French. I earned my medical degree in Kenya and subsequently completed my internship at a major hospital, attending to patients in a broad variety of areas. I spent 3 months practicing in Ob/Gyn as an intern at Mbagathi District Hospital. Since April of this year, I have been working under Dr XXXX (OBGYN) and each day I learn more and more about Ob/Gyn. I get to manage outpatients in the clinic, inpatients at Aga Khan University Hospital and go to theatre. I have learned a great deal, in particular, about laparoscopic surgery working alongside Dr. Yamal in this area.

Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a doctor. The biggest influence has been my father who is a physician. I was always fascinated by how he would 'miraculously fix' people. I looked up to him and his ability and knew early on that I wanted to follow in his footsteps. During high school, I excelled in the sciences and that made my decision even easier. Serving as a member of the St. John Ambulance Corp in high school also augmented my passion for medicine, teaching me precision and discipline, determination and perseverance. Medical school gave me the necessary foundation upon which to continue to grow and blossom. My internship provided me with much needed experience, refining my clinical skills and knowledge and helping me to learn to think on my feet in a very fast-paced environment. I am currently serving as a junior doctor at the leading cosmetic dermatology center in Nairobi.

Some of the most difficult and intriguing cases that I have dealt with so far include Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) caused by antiretrovirals (ARVs) for treatment of HIV. Another patient suffered from Kaposi's Sarcoma which is also HIV related. This patient could not afford to go to a specialist or to the national referral hospital. So, under the supervision of my mentor, I did my first skin biopsy to confirm the diagnosis and we started the patient on chemotherapy, to which he responded well. I have learned a great deal from the patients that I have treated, a teenage boy with acne conglobata (severe form of acne), for example, who was bullied in school and suffered from very low self-esteem and depression. We started him on oral Isotretinion (Accutane) and he responded very well. He was a whole new person the next time I saw him - smiling. Another salient example is a patient with severe acne scars and very self-conscious about it. She always used make-up to cover it up and it had a negative effect on her relationships. A couple of laser treatments later she was happier than ever. 

Perhaps the most delicate case of all, however, and the patient that most frequently crosses my mind, is the young lady with self-inflicted cuts on her arms and legs which had left her with horrible scars. As I provided her with effective laser treatments or her scars, I reflected upon the way in which I seek to treat the total woman and mother, helping her to achieve optimal health, heal her scars, embrace new life and to hold it in one’s hands.

When I am not practicing medicine I enjoy travel, swimming, and music in addition to reading.

I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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Since my son Davy was born on November 5, 2011, this toddler has become the total center of my world. He is all that I have, my only family. This is why I get especially excited by the opportunity to draft a model personal statement in the area of ob/gyn, because of the importance of children to us all, our futures, the future of the human race, our planet, etc.: it all depends on your children, our greatest and most precious resource. While I live back in Bolivia where Davy’s mother is a professor who teaches sustainable architecture, we went back to my home in the USA to have our baby. There was not a kinder more attentive medical team in the world than those who cared for the three of us. My wife had an extremely difficult delivery and we were in the hospital for almost one week. Helping residents to prepare successful statements in the area of Ob/Gyn helps me to stay engaged with this area of medicine, and to give something back in exchange for the wonderful treatment we were given, to say thank you one more time for my gift, Davy.