Sample 1st Paragraph for Fellowship in Surgical Pathology, Indian Woman Doctor

A woman and a doctor from India, I have been in the USA since 2009 learning everything that I can about the practice of medicine in my new home, especially with respect to my central passion in life, surgical pathology. I feel that I am now a highly qualified candidate for your distinguished fellowship program in surgical pathology because of the extensive experience that I have now acquired in this area, primarily as a result of my current residency position with the University of XXXX. I am a driven young scientist and physician whose motivation for her work could not be higher. In particular, I thrive on the constant examination and improvement of procedures for examining a broad range of surgical specimens.

Sample 1st Paragraph Fellowship in Pathology, Doctor from Peru

Human diversity is one of the aspects of medicine that I most treasure, the global nature of our profession; and this helps to explain why I have gravitated towards Pathology as a physician and hope to be accepted to your distinguished Fellowship Program in Pathology at XXXX University. Pathogens are global, or always tending in that direction as a result of increasing contact between peoples. Thus, since I am a doctor from Peru who recently spent one year in the Peruvian rain forest immediately before coming to America where I cared for more than 1000 people in a rural community facing numerous infectious diseases, I look forward to having something special to contribute to your program. The South American rainforest is critical to our research. Recently, I find myself most enthused by the discovery of a wasp in the Brazilian Amazon whose venom – according to preliminary trials – attacks cancer cells and leaves the healthy tissue in the surrounding area untouched.

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