Getting out of your normal environment, whether that´s your clinic, state, region or country can do a world of wonders, both for you and others. When you take the time to do humanitarian work, it can change your career direction or the way you work when you return home.

Let´s look at the various different organizations that offer humanitarian opportunities to physical rehabilitation practitioners across the globe.

A Leg to Stand On

This non-profit provides free orthopedic care, including rehabilitative care, to children in developing countries that have lost their limbs in traumatic accidents or due to congenital disability. They work in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Somaliland. They don´t take on volunteers, but they do accept donations and materials, components and equipment. Find out more here.

The International Committee of the Red Cross

This impartial, neutral and independent organization aims to protect the lives and dignity of the victims of armed conflict and other situations of conflict. It runs rehabilitation programs that are designed to strengthen the rehabilitation services in countries like Bangladesh. The programs provide high-quality, low-cost prosthetic and orthotic appliances; improve the capacities of local partners and authorities so they can ensure sustainable orthopedic services; and support local physiotherapists and ortho-prothesthetists through training and rehabilitation. Here´s more about their rehabilitation work.

Amputee Club of South Africa

This club provides essential support for amputees, their families and their communities in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho and Swaziland. They provide prosthetic fitting, education and training, funding, prosthetic fabrication and rehabilitation services.  They don´t have a website, but here is their contact information.

Amputee Resource Foundation of America, Inc.

This organization aims to disseminated information, perform charitable services and conduct research to enhance the quality of life of amputees in America. They offer prosthetic fitting and educational services, and need volunteers. Check out their site at

The Barr Foundation

The Barr Foundation´s mission is to reach out to people who have experiences limb loss, lack financial resources and don´t qualify for any other funding assistance. They work in the U.S., Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Philippines, Guyana, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Cuba, Columbia, Ecuador and Gautemala, providing prosthetic fitting, education, funding and prosthetic fabrication. Here´s more information about this organization.

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