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An Expert in Humanitarian Mental Health Programs

Peter Locke studied humanitarian psychiatry and the politics of post-traumatic stress in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, under his mentor João Biehl. His PhD dissertation focused on how small psychosocial support organizations and their beneficiaries have survived, searched for resources, and adapted to the many challenges of everyday life after times of war and conflict.

Through his extensive fieldwork, Locke discovered how survivors’ experiences of psychological distress were shaped equally by the socioeconomic and political challenges of the present as by the traumatic events of the recent past.

“One role of anthropological research, I saw, was to open up the idea of trauma—to show all these other determinants that shape people’s mental health symptoms after a war,” explains Locke.

After finishing his doctorate, Locke worked as a postdoctoral fellow and then as a lecturer at Princeton, to develop a global health program for the institution.

For three years, he led undergraduate global health students to Sierra Leone every summer, to pursue research internships in collaboration with the medical humanitarian NGO Wellbody Alliance.

Locke and his students observed the deep poverty and limited public health infrastructure firsthand, as well as the deep distrust left by the fragmented aid projects of the colonial and postcolonial eras.

“The students, understandably, would come in with a lot of idealism about the possibilities of medical humanitarianism and their own immediate contributions,” said Locke. “I learned how important it is to help students transform natural disillusionment into a potentially lifelong commitment to the field.”

Locke’s position as Assistant Professor of Instruction at Northwestern University allows him to devote much of his time to building and delivering global health courses for undergraduates, including seminars on international public health, medical humanitarianism and war and public health.

Locke is also looking to develop a new undergraduate summer research program based in Bosnia in 2016. Students will have the opportunity to explore public health and mental health challenges in the aftermath of a war and the fall of Yugoslavia’s socialist political and economic order on the program.

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