Saudi Arabian Radiology Personal Statement Sample, Fellowship in Body Imaging

A graduate of Al-Qasim University Medical College in Saudi Arabia, I currently live in Riyadh, where I am completing my body imaging fellowship training. A dedicated and hardworking young doctor, I am hoping very much to be selected for a Fellowship position in North America in the area of Body Imaging so as to learn how to conduct research and practice radiology on the cutting-edge of medicine. This will prepare me for a professional lifetime of contribution to the development of Medicine in my country, Saudi Arabia.

I hope to make contributions to our profession that also serve to advance the science of Radiology on a region-wide level, throughout the Middle East. I feel that I am a strong candidate for a Fellowship Position in Body Imaging because of the great passion that I have for my chosen area of medicine. I eat, sleep, and breathe Body Imaging. Even in my free time, I am reading about the numerous advancements being made in my field, most of which are taking place in North America and I profoundly hope to be selected to your program so that I can learn as much as I can about body imaging and continue to build upon it for the duration of my professional career, many decades to come.

I am now in the process of completing a 2-year body imaging local fellowship (after completing 4-year Radiology residency program in 2015) at XXXX Hospital & Research Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the flagship Radiology program in Saudi Arabia and one of the most advanced health care institutions in the Middle East, specializing in oncology and organ transplant. I have had my sights set on becoming the finest doctor possible since primary school, since my parents trained me to have a humanitarian and civic consciousness and I wanted to respond to the great demand in Saudi society for medical professionals, generally speaking, and well-trained doctors in particular.

My central professional goal in life is to contribute everything that I can to the advancement of the field of body imaging, both here in the KSA and abroad. I look forward to building a distinguished career as an outstanding body imager on the cutting-edge of practice at the same time that I teach Radiology to new generations of medical and Radiology students in Saudi Arabia.

Currently serving as a demonstrator in the Radiology Department at XXXX University, I stay very busy completing related coursework and attending conferences.  I especially enjoy contributing to research in every way that I can. Filing case reports is second nature and I enjoy it immensely – some of them have been published.

I find great fulfillment in my work in Radiology and it makes me proud to serve my country and to live up to the noble ideals of my religion, family, culture, etc. I aspire to become increasingly international in my thinking and outlook and to build networks with colleagues from all over the world who share my passion for Radiology.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished Fellowship Program in Radiology.

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