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Cardiology Fellowship, African Applicant

I was born, raised, and went to medical school in Ethiopia where most modern medical tools such as CT scans and MRIs were simply not available. Nevertheless, my professors insisted that the most important medical information is always obtained from interviews with and observation of the pati…

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Residency Dermatology, University Hospital

It has been said that someone who does nothing for his fellow man leads only a half life. No other profession embodies this ideal more than the practice of medicine, which aims to protect and restore health, the one requisite for life. As such, I have directed my life to the practice of medicine, …

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Residency Emergency Medicine, Volunteer

The ring I wear on my right hand is a heart, held by two hands, and topped with a crown. Almost weekly, someone asks me about it. I proudly explain it is a claddaugh an Irish symbol, which stands for love, loyalty, and friendship. I treasure this ring for many reasons. First, it is a gift from my …

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Medical Residency Internal/Family Medicine

As I write this, I think on the thousands of miles I have traveled in pursuit of the finest medical education, and exposure. I often wonder when people speak of healthcare disparities if they can ever truly grasp what it means. Having gone to medical school in India, I remember with great clarity …

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Residency Family Practice Medicine, Haiti

Fresh out of my first year of internship, I had felt the need to sharpen my clinical skills and, while deciding which specialty I wanted to devote a large part of my life to, I decided to do the right thing and accepted an eleven-month rotation of community service at Hopital Immaculee Conception …

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Residency Family Medicine, Patient Diversity


It was quite late in my academic career when I decided that I would like to become a physician; in fact, I wasn't one hundred percent certain until after I completed my undergraduate degree.

In grade nine, I was introduced to genetics and my scientific career was born. I was so fascinated t…

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Residency Family Medicine Practice, Canada

As I write this, I think on the thousands of miles I have traveled in pursuit of the finest medical education, and exposure. And yet, my path to Family Medicine began right here in Canada. I was 12 when the accident happened. My friends and I were playing hide-and-seek at a friend's farm. I rememb…

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Radiology Residency, Love & Passion

Radiology first saved my life and then stole my heart. After enduring activity-limiting hip pain for five years of adolescence, it was the teamwork of an internist and radiologist who jointly diagnosed the developmental dysplasia of my hip. My experience as a patient, seeing first-hand how dramatica…

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