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Medical Residency Neurology, Chinese Doctor

I have always believed that those of us who choose to enter the medical profession, do so for a million different reasons. No one can say that one may have more merit than another but each of us seems to have a deeply personal incentive that makes us do what we do so diligently. I grew up in China w…

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Residency Family Practice Medicine UnderServed

I am committed to becoming a family practice physician in a community that is medically underserved. I believe that health is a holistic balance of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual, and that each individual functions within a family, a community, and a society. In providing med…

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Medical Residency Pediatric Orthopaedics

The first two years of medical school introduced me to countless specialties that I could imagine myself entering into. I had a taste of several specialties through volunteering, work, and research, but I needed more “hands on” experience. During this time, I began working nights and weekends for …

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Residency Radiation Oncology, Prostate

I was in no hurry to focus exclusively on a specialty as a physician and I gave the matter a great deal of thought for several years before I made my decision to build a lifetime career in Radiation Oncology. I took a close look at many specialties, paying particular attention to what each offers …

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