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Medical Residency Pediatric Medicine, India


In my homeland of India, we cherish our traditional close-knit familial bonds, and I feel fortunate to have grown up with all of my extended family members around me.  I will never forget the profound impact it had on me when my beloved aunt was diagnosed with leukemia.  Her children, my cousi…

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Residency Pediatric Medicine, Indian Woman

For nearly a decade, I have dedicated my academic and professional career in the pursuit of Medicine.  While Medicine is my career and my chosen path, Pediatrics is my passion - where my heart lies.  My education exposed me to many aspects and procedures of Pediatric medicine, but I found the grea…

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Fellowship Endocrinology, Ukrainian

I am writing this on behalf of my application to your distinguished and competitive fellowship program in Endocrinology. As a doctor from the Ukraine, I have many years of experience in this and closely related areas which I feel strongly would enable me to make important contributions to your p…

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Medical Residency Surgery, Indian Applcant

Entering into a quality surgical residency assignment is more than a logical choice for my future career path, it is a natural choice given my aptitudes, clinical acumen and practical experiences in the field.  I have an inquisitive nature, enjoy challenges and mysteries, and have resolved to take…

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