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To Whom It May Concern,

I am a practicing Internist in Guam as well as an Associate Professor of Medicine, having completed my own medical studies at the University of XXXX. I am currently the incumbent President of the Guam Me…

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Residency IM, Cardiology, Nigerian

I am a Nigerian, born and raised in Nigeria. I moved to Canada in 2005 and earned a B.Sc. Degree in Mathematics and another in Biology in 2008 from the University of Toronto. I earned the B.S. Degree in Health Science by the Saba University School of Medicine, Netherlands-Antilles, in 2009 and antic…

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Internal Medicine, Osteopathic, Egyptian Woman

A 39 year old Arab woman, I am an Egyptian, an accomplished physician, a wife and a mother, and I now live in New Jersey. A researcher, and accomplished geneticist, a General Practitioner, fluent in English, I am completing my doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine next year. And I am now ready to beco…

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Residency, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology

Growing up in India, watching my father, a physician tend to the people of our community day or night. I always wanted to become a doctor as well;, my father was my greatest role model and principal encouragement. His unflappable calm under stress, hard-working nature and his progressive approach …

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Residency, IMG, Internal Medicine, Inflammation

Internal Medicine was first introduced to me, in the clinical sense, during my internship rotations. It was through this rotation that I came to realize how much I was emotionally and psychologically involved in the process of diagnosis, management and follow-up. I was fascinated by the sheer dive…

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