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Residency Ob/Gyn, Maternal, Fetal, Armenia


I am a 27 year old physician from Armenia who now resides in Maryland. I feel that I am qualified for a residency position in this area. I have known for years now that Obstetrics and Gynecology would be my special focus both during and after medical school. I am especially interested in doing…

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Residency Psychiatry, New Yorker, Nurse, MBA

I am a New Yorker, a physician, a woman of Italian origins, who has dedicated her to life to the study of medicine for many years now. For some time, my personal reading and intellectual progression has been in the area of psychiatry. Now a mature doctor at the age of 38, this trend continues to d…

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Medical Residency Neurology, Chinese Doctor

I have always believed that those of us who choose to enter the medical profession, do so for a million different reasons. No one can say that one may have more merit than another but each of us seems to have a deeply personal incentive that makes us do what we do so diligently. I grew up in China w…

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