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Residency Family Med., Artificial Reproduction

The process of birth always mystified me; a single living cell growing to become a human being is a true miracle of nature. Moreover, the gentle feel of newborns, their smiles, and the happiness on their mother’s faces attracted me to obgyn and these feelings were reinforced during medical school.…

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Residency Family Medicine, Community Service


In my journey through medical school, I have realized that pursuing a career in family medicine will allow me to address several of my special interests while also allowing me to serve me community effectively. I came to medical school after having taught eighth grade, and I knew that I want…

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Residency Family Medicine, Primary Care

Many of my life circumstances have motivated me to pursue the especially rewarding field of Family Practice in medicine. Of central importance was growing up in an impoverished Indian household, and the lengthy obstacle course which I was forced to successfully complete, in order to break the shac…

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