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Fellowship Cardiology, Saudi Doctor


I am a physician from Saudi Arabia currently in my third year of a residency program at the University of XXXX, Canada. I hope very much to be selected for your distinguished fellowship program in Cardiology so as to be able to make my maximum, long term contribution to medicine in this field …

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Fellowship in Cardiology. Chief Resident

I have been practicing internal medicine in New Jersey for 2 years now and have been pleased to be selected as the Incoming Chief Resident 2013-14 for XXXX University Hospital. I have always performed at the top of my class; and in addition to winning numerous awards I have published 10 papers in th…

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Fellowship Cardiology, Pakistani Doctor

Since September 11 of 2001, Pakistan has increasingly become part of American news. As a Pakistani physician now living in America, my own life has been intricately involved with the dynamics of this relationship. Many times, I feel as if I am an Ambassador of Pakistan to the American medical commun…

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