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Psychiatry and Mental Health Residency, Indian

I am a doctor who, throughout the last few years, has earned her MPH as well as learning and teaching various complementary energy healing therapies that could assist the patients in your program a great deal in their recovery, healing, and relieving stress. Thus, I think I am a strong candidate an…

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Allergy & Immunology Residency, Nutrition

My principal mentor in graduate school told me, "When there is a surprise, there is an opportunity for truth." His words have continuously helped me in my journey. I love how challenges are almost always embedded with opportunities. As a clinician, and a researcher, I've always found his words to b…

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Pathology Residency, Diagnostics, Indian Applicant

Since my second year of medical school, I have felt most inclined toward the diagnostic aspects of clinical medicine. This is why I spent so many extra hours in the laboratory pursuing biological questions and answers. I realized how critical a role is identifying pathogens plays in the diagnosis a…

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Internal Medicine in Canada (CARMS), Saudi Doctor

Among the Saudi Arabian doctors with whom I have had the privilege to work, those who have gone abroad for additional training and experience, most have done so in Canada. They have all told me about the beautiful experiences that they had in Canada, and I hope to follow in their footsteps and recei…

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Residency Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Saudi

There are several reasons why I have gradually gravitated towards the dedication of my professional life to the study and practice of diagnostic imaging radiology. Perhaps first and foremost, ever since I first began learning about radiology, I have been struck by its power to save lives as by achie…

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Residency in Dermatology. Saudi Dermatologist

Graduating 3rd in my class for medical school helped to boost my confidence that I would be able to excel in the practice of medicine even in such a demanding area as dermatology. In fact, I see my high level of motivation to distinguish myself in your residency program as one of my primary assets. …

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Residency Dermatology, Saudi Woman Doctor

I am a young Saudi woman who is determined to excel in several areas, mostly in medicine. While I am still in my first year of Internship, I have decided to make my first area of expertise dermatology. I have always excelled throughout my studies, ranking towards the very top of the student body in…

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Residency Vascular Neurology, Preventing Strokes

In August of 2012, I flew home to Saudi Arabia (KSA) for an annual vacation with my family to celebrate the Eid holiday. I still remember Ms. A's voice when she called me, like she was crying, asking me to help her daughter and guide the family to get proper treatment. In my short visit to her home,…

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Residency General Internal Medicine, GIM

I feel that I am an excellent candidate for your residency program in Internal Medicine primarily as a result of my accomplishments. Most comfortable with the idea of giving my all to Internal Medicine and in no hurry to develop a specialty because I see GIM as the front line of the practice and, pe…

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Residency Family Medicine Canada, Older Applicant

I am a doctor from India who decided to move to Canada permanently, and I came here two years ago, in 2012. At first, I was hesitant concerning undertaking my studies for examinations that I would need to practice medicine here in Canada, because of my age; I am now 52 years old. I decided to study …

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Fellowship Pulmonary/Critical Care, Yemeni

A doctor of humble origins in my native Yemen, I was able to leave and become an internationally trained doctor, first in Egypt, where I finished medical school, and later in Qatar, where I have completed a four-year residency position in internal medicine, and I am now completing a fellowship in pu…

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Residency in Anesthesiology, Indian Applicant

I feel strongly that I am a strong candidate and fully qualified for a residency position in your distinguished and competitive Anesthesiology Program due to the intense dedication that I have to the cause of medical education as well as practice and research. Entirely devoted to lifelong education …

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Residency Anesthesiology, Middle Eastern Immigrant

I hope to be selected for a residency program primarily based on the fact that

I eat, sleep, and breathe Anesthesiology, spending almost all of my free time reading about advancements in our area of medicine. This is what I see as my first and foremost qualification as a candidate for your program.…

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Residency General Surgery, Saudi Arabian Surgeon

I like to think of myself as one of Saudi Arabia’s most promising young surgeons. This is supported by the fact that I have been sponsored by our Ministry of Health to participate in your distinguished program. Your institution is a world leader, as you know, and the Saudi Arabian medical profession…

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Fellowship Pediatric Ophthalmology, Panama

I hope to learn as much as possible if accepted into your competitive fellowship program in pediatric ophthalmology so that I will be further prepared to meet my long-term goal, the daunting task of making eye care for children more accessible in my country, Panama. There are four pediatric ophthalm…

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Fellowship Pediatric Emergency, Iranian

I date my interest in practicing medicine to approximately the age of 10, when my father’s work took me to spend three months in a rural area in the south of Iran with little to no medical care. I am not sure why at such a tender age, I became so thoroughly fascinated with sickness and death in this…

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Fellowship Gastrointestinal Cancer, Pakistani Woman

A young woman originally from Pakistan, still only 32 years old, I feel strongly that I am a highly competitive applicant for your program not only for the sake of diversity, but also because of my proven track record in medical research. I see myself as a lifelong crusader against cancer; and I lon…

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Fellowship Infectious Diseases, Canada, Saudi

I am a young woman doctor from Medina, Saudi Arabia, and I currently hold the position of Senior Registrar in General Medicine at XXXX Hospital, Medina, Saudi Arabia. I have now been practicing medicine for eight years, and I am an accomplished and highly regarded physician who is recognized as a sp…

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LOR Family Medicine Residency, Canada, #2

Dear Program Director:

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of XXXX for a residency position in the area of family medicine. I have been training Dr. XXXX since May, and I am incredibly favorably impressed with her vast energy and dedication to her field.  I am XXXX M.D., and I have…

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LOR Family Medicine Residency, Canada, #1


To whom it may concern,

My name is XXXX, MD, and I am writing to strongly recommend my friend and colleague XXXX for a Family Medicine residency position here in Canada. I have worked as a family physician in Canada for more than 30 years, and I feel privileged as both a doctor and a human bein…

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